How to Keep Your Ukrainian Girlfriend and Stay in Love

Ukraine Bride

There are three stages of dating and relationships: Stage I – Meeting a woman; Stage II – Attracting a woman; Stage III – Keeping a woman. If you are going to reach Stage III pretty soon, you are reading the right article today.

Honesty should be one of your top values.

Unlike western women who tend to play games with men, Ukrainian women are different – they are very honest people. In fact, if you go to Eastern Europe, you will realize that people in this part of the world are really honest.

American author Mark Manson points out that when he was living in Eastern Europe several years ago, he was almost shocked by how honest people are over there. The Eastern European lady he was dating would tell him what she likes and would call him out when he did something wrong. For example, that Eastern European woman told him that she was so happy to hear from him – it’s positive and refreshing because most western women wouldn’t directly say that. People in Eastern Europe don’t give you fake smiles or compliments in order to be liked by you so that they could get something from you. Instead, Eastern European people are generally honest with you all the time. This is very different from the western culture where salesmanship is paramount because we live in a capitalist society in the West.

Therefore, if you are dating a Ukrainian lady, you’d better be honest with her at all times – that’s how she interacts with people, so she expects you to be honest with her as well. Otherwise, she will call you out and won’t trust you.

That means marrying a Ukrainian bride is very liberating – you don’t need to play games with your wife! Trust is the foundation of a healthy marriage.

This is Ukrainian women’s philosophy: You’d better tell the truth. If you are worried about telling the truth, you should behave better; therefore, you won’t need to lie about it. How cool is that?!

Have a holiday together.

If you only see your Ukrainian girlfriend once a week, you won’t really know her very well, because a long-term relationship is best characterized by daily interactions. Thus, you would be well-advised to spend an entire holiday with her somewhere so that you will interact with her all the time for several days. Then you will find out whether you actually want to keep her or not because you will discover whether your value system and her value system are compatible or not.

In this way, you will find out whether you can have effortless conversations. More importantly, you will also find out whether you two feel comfortable during silences.

No relationship is perfect, so you’d better solve any problems that arise when you are with her 24/7 before getting married.

Please note that in order to maintain a healthy relationship with your Ukrainian girlfriend, you have to remember those special and unique things that attracted you at the beginning of this relationship & make sure those things are still there.

Never get rid of your standards.

Before you meet your Ukrainian lady, probably you had some standards already. You knew what you were looking for. Now you still need to remember those non-negotiables. The fact that she has become your girlfriend doesn’t mean she can violate your standards.

She is only human, so she will inevitably do something wrong. When this happens, you need to point it out correctly without being rude.

For example, when she is flirting with another guy at a party in front of you, you should say this to her politely on your way home, “What you did today is such a turn-off.” And give her a few days to process what you’ve told her. (Women don’t want to turn off their men.)

Remember: When a woman is flirting with another guy, she wants validation and attention. The fastest way to get a woman’s attention is withdrawing your attention or leaving.

Hence, if you become jealous, you will only give her more attention. Then she will learn this fact: Whenever she wants you to pay more attention to her, she only needs to flirt with another guy. That means you’ve rewarded her bad behavior.

In dating and relationships, there is a golden rule: Reward good behavior; punish bad behavior.

That is to say, when your girlfriend flirts with another guy, you should punish her bad behavior by giving her less attention (hence, you tell her “What you did today is such a turn-off” and give her several days to process what you’ve frankly told her.)

Then your girlfriend will learn this fact: Whenever she wants you to pay more attention to her, she should pay more attention to you first.

In psychology, rewarding good behavior is also called positive reinforcement.

Let me give you some other examples:

  1. You want your Ukrainian girlfriend to be decisive, so next time when you notice that she is decisive, you say, “I like it when you are decisive.”
  2. You want her to wear elegant clothes, so next time when she wears an elegant outfit, you say, “I love it when you wear elegant clothes – you look so attractive in this style.” (I can guarantee that she will want to wear elegant clothes every day.)
  3. You want her to go to the gym and maintain her slim figure, so next time when she comes back from the gym, you say, “You look so attractive. Working out must be very energizing.” (Then she will want to go to the gym all the time.)

Avoid unnecessary conflicts in your relationship.

In How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie points out that the best way to deal with an argument is not starting an argument in the first place. This is especially true if the argument is totally unnecessary.

Most couples fight because of two things: 1) money; 2) jealousy. The No. 1 reason for divorce in all countries except China is money. That can be explained with the help of Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs:

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs, people need to feel safe before they want to be loved or love someone. In fact, financial security is also a part of safety. Consequently, when financial security is absent in a marriage, the couple get divorced.

That’s why things tend to have a ripple effect: When your career is successful, your love life is also better because more money means more happiness in your love life as well. When your career is problematic, your love life is at risk, too.

Clearly, it’s paramount for you to work on your career or your business if you’d like to have a happy and stable marriage in the long term. In this way, you will be able to avoid unnecessary conflicts in your marriage with your Ukrainian wife.

Also, you’d better figure out that you and your Ukrainian girlfriend have similar values in terms of money, i.e. where you spend more money on and where you spend less money on should be discussed before getting married.

“Dating a Ukrainian lady and keeping a Ukrainian girlfriend are two different skills.”

  • Dylan

    They are cool tips, I’m hoping I’ll find my future better half soon here

  • John

    Ukrainian woman want a serious relationship but do not invite the foreign man to her flat to buy food a her local market & prove that she can cook with his help sharing a meal together,


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