How to make a Ukrainian woman think of you non-stop

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In Minnie Riperton’s song ‘Loving You’, the melody and lyrics never disappoint us, “No one else can make me feel the colors that you bring. Stay with me when we grow old & we’ll live each day in springtime….”

Indeed, that’s the beauty of romantic love. It keeps you sensually alive, mentally active and physically relaxed. When you are dating a Ukrainian woman, do you know how to make her think of you non-stop?

The best way to keep a Ukrainian girlfriend is to make her think about you all day.

First and most importantly, you would be well-advised to wear a high-quality cologne, e.g. Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’homme, Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch and Dior Homme Intense.

There is another trick that you may want to try – spray your cologne into your girlfriend’s handbag, but please do not over do it. A little bit is definitely enough! Remember: less is more.

When your Ukrainian lady opens her bag, this scent will certainly remind her of you instantly. As a result, she will keep thinking about you all the time.

In the second place, you may consider giving your Ukrainian girlfriend a smartphone as a gift.

We all know that everybody checks their cell phones for thousands of times per day. Therefore, if you give your lady a cell phone as a present, she will surely think about you for thousands of times each day. Obviously, every time she looks at her phone, she thinks of you. Now you know the best gift on Valentine’s Day, right?

Furthermore, you should create some interesting experiences that include a particular kind of music in the background.

For example, you’re cooking with her in your apartment. You can put on some romantic music in the background. I would recommend Enya, Savage Garden, Westlife, Norah Jones and Coco Lee. These songs should have some emotive power in a positive manner. You may even build a playlist on your laptop. On Christmas Eve, you might give your Ukrainian lady a CD that has all the songs you’ve enjoyed previously. I am pretty sure that your Ukrainian girlfriend will keep thinking of you all the time as long as she likes listening to this CD.

Be an avid reader so that you can always have interesting things to talk about.

Leaders are readers.

If you are keen to be an alpha guy, you have to be a leader in your life. If knowledge is power, then using knowledge is charm! Now I’d like to recommend some books that you can read – these books will make you more attractive!

First of all, you must read Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power. In my opinion, Robert Greene is the best realist in the world and his books are extremely valuable. Robert had more than eighty jobs before he wrote his first book. That apparently provided him with some very deep insights into human dynamics and human nature. Hence, this book is my No. 1 recommendation.

Second, Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad is also a great book that every ambitious man must read. This book explains the difference between “asset” and “liability” very well. Basically, anything that puts money into your pocket is an asset, whilst anything that takes money away from your pocket is a liability. Also, Robert Kiyosaki teaches people how to divorce their money from their time. That means a successful man should know how to stop trading hours for dollars & build real assets that generate passive income automatically. Of course, this book teaches investing and cash flow as well. I would say this is the best book about finances and money.

Next, Louann Brizendine’s The Female Brain is another book that I highly recommend. Written by a neuropsychiatrist, this book explains why ladies’ behavior is so different from men’s behavior because of hormonal differences. Therefore, this book will help you understand your Ukrainian girlfriend better, thereby improving your love life in general.

What’s more, Dr. Henry Cloud’s Boundaries in Dating is a fantastic book that every dater must read. Setting up boundaries at the beginning of a relationship is so key, so please don’t ignore this when you date a Ukrainian woman. Last but not least, I also recommend Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind. This is a classic novel which teaches you exactly what makes women feel attracted to men. In this story, Scarlett likes Ashley, as Ashley has his own hobbies and ambitions. Every guy is chasing Scarlett directly except Ashley! Hence, Scarlett is wondering, “Guys all like me, but why doesn’t Ashley like me?” Therefore, Scarlett starts to chase Ashley. Obviously, female psychology is revealed in a creative way in this book. As a result, I often learn a lot from fiction books – novels give me more specific and practical examples that I can learn from!

Are you dating the right woman?

Jesse Metcalfe famously said, “I do not have a type. However, one thing that I can say from my own experience is that a physical attraction will merely take you so far. As a result, you need to have a strong intellectual connection, too.”

That’s absolutely true.

Everyone knows a man who dates an attractive woman, but they break up in an ugly way as they lack intellectual connection in the first place. This is a very common story.

In other words, the Ukrainian lady that you choose must have some brains. If she doesn’t value growth, education and knowledge, then she isn’t the right candidate, okay?

A woman who only reads gossip tabloids, fashion magazines and shopping catalogues isn’t the right woman for an intelligent guy. If she only plays video games and browses online shopping websites but you love learning and growing, you two do not have compatible value systems. End of story.

Actually, a famous matchmaker in America once said, “The most common request from my high-quality male clients is to meet intelligent women. But sadly, intelligence is very rare among female candidates. It’s a dilemma in my business.”

Please note that some women from Russia actually have both beauty and brains. I have met several ladies from Russia who are very attractive, educated and intelligent. Well, even in western countries, there are also some women who have both brains and beauty, e.g. Emma Watson, Natalie Portman and Kate Beckinsale.

How to prepare for a date properly:

No matter this is your first date or not, you still need to prepare for the date, right? My first suggestion is: do not overdo the preparation before the date. As a matter of fact, if you use too much hairspray or perfume, the Ukrainian lady will figure it out – you try too hard in order to impress her! That means preparing too much indicates you are overthinking and over-managing your life, which will probably backfire. You just need to look calm and confident, therefore making the date look effortless and relaxing.

“In order to keep a Ukrainian lady thinking of you all the time, you need to be an attractive man in the first place.”

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