How self-love empowers you and helps you thrive in international dating

international dating

Last month, I participated in a study about international dating & Valentine’s Day and realized that approximately 50% of the adult population in developed countries are single. How do single people celebrate Valentine’s Day? Let’s find it out!

  • If you are single, you can become your own Valentine on that special day.

Do you have your own sanctuary? If you are divorced, please consider creating a very cozy home just for yourself right now by completing with the right fabrics, colors as well as furniture that you really love. This doesn’t have to be expensive; you can simply declutter your home and rearrange things. You may decorate your home with pillows, throws and candles, as long as the decoration makes you happy. 😊

Start your self-love journey by dressing for you. Find out which style suits you and be the most stylish version of yourself! When you begin to give yourself unconditional radical self-love, you will also find that your style/fashion changes as well. 😉
Let’s say you just ended a relationship and need some solid support. Please don’t pretend nothing is wrong by putting on a very brave face. It’s okay to talk about your frustration and pain with someone that you trust. If you are in quarantine due to COVID, you may talk it out to yourself at home (in the mirror). Research shows that emotional pain surely moves more freely through your body when you actually allow yourself to cry, breathe fully and move your body. Why not go to the gym or go out for a walk?

  • You are the party!

One of my favorite authors is Gala Darling. She changed her name to Gala Darling in her 20s because she wants to be Gala Darling – that’s the identity that she would like to have in this world. I really admire her strength and courage to be who she really is. Her name is so cool – Gala, a party!

By the way, I’m not saying your name should be Gala, too. I mean everybody is keen to go to fun parties these days because now the pandemic has made most people so lonely and so bored. Yet when you see yourself as the best party on the planet, you can master the art of enjoying yourself anytime, anywhere. You are the good time!

If you are single and feel lonely, you may write yourself a beautiful love letter. It doesn’t have to be long; it can be a few sentences only. Write down something that you really love about yourself. Put a love note on your bedroom door so that when you get up every morning, you can see it clearly!

Before you try international dating, I’d like to encourage you to take a break from social media because social media causes you to focus on other people instead of yourself. What’s more, social media takes your attention away from your present moment, your life as well as your own goals. Cal Newport is not even on social media because he doesn’t like the distraction!

It is said that single people generally have more healthy rituals because they are more likely to get enough sleep and live a simplified life. Consider these healthy rituals: dancing, journaling and meditating. Don’t get me wrong. I am definitely not saying being single is better than being married – we all know that everyone has emotional needs that should be met properly. What I am saying is you have to nourish your body and soul when you are single, and then you will be the best version of yourself & begin international dating on this platform.

“I understand that when you establish boundaries, you have to say no to other people more frequently, which means you will probably have fewer people in your inner circle and your life. However, that also means people who stay in your inner circle and your life are high-quality people that you truly respect.”

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