How to eliminate the fear that is holding you back and meet the right Ukrainian woman

Russian women

It’s very normal to have some kind of fear that is holding you back. But the good news is you can eliminate that fear. When you can do that, you will be able to meet the right Ukrainian woman and start a successful relationship.

  • How to get rid of fear so that you can meet the right Ukrainian woman:

The first way that will help you never let fear hold you back is to feel the fear and do it anyway. When you feel the fear, just take action and get moving immediately. Interestingly, when you feel the fear and still take massive action, the fear that is holding you back disappears gradually by itself!

The second way that will help you eliminate fear is to understand that feelings aren’t facts. Fear is just a feeling; it’s not a fact. Here is an acronym:

F = False

E = Energy

A = Appearing

R = Real

Yes, FEAR is just false energy appearing real. It’s not a fact!

  • The unconventional key to success:

The conventional key to success is very well-known: You have to work hard and be intelligent; hopefully you’ll have good luck. That philosophy is valid, but I won’t repeat that, so I’m going to talk about the unconventional key to success today.As I see it, success belongs to people who master a variety of skills and creatively combine those skills. Look, it’s not really about what kind of skills you have; it’s actually about how you leverage your skills and how you combine your skills.Successful people combine their skills in a creative manner. For instance, Jessica Snyder turned her side hustle into a successful business. Jessica was a big fan of romance novels, so she has read many of those novels. Do you know most avid readers are actually big fans of romance novels? That’s why romance novels have a huge market globally. Because Jessica is a competent writer and experienced editor who worked for Entangled Publishing for four years, she is able to combine her skills in a creative way – she has a good understanding of romance novels and she knows how to write romantic stories. More importantly, her outstanding editing skills make her the ideal romance novel editor. When these skills are combined creatively, she has become one of the most successful freelance romance novel editors in the world.

Russian women
  • How to change the cycle and transform your life:

During challenging times, many people are caught in a stress cycle – because they are stressed out, they want to give up; because they want to give up, they are even more stressed out. Now please let me show you how to break the stress cycle and transform your life.

The first step is to do a physical activity every day. This isn’t just about going to the gym. In fact, I would argue that the ideal physical activity should happen outside – you need sunshine to get rid of the stress. So, I’d like to recommend a brisk walk every morning.

The second step is to start living differently. In order to transform your life, you have to start thinking, talking and acting differently & continue doing so until your life is actually transformed. Create daily rituals that will help you achieve your goals and monitor your plans. Evaluate your plans regularly. Revise your plans when it’s necessary. Every step you take in the right direction gets you closer to transformation.

When you live a happy life, you are ready to meet the right Ukrainian woman.

  • How to be more disciplined without trying:

If self-discipline feels hard, you are doing it wrong because you can’t rely on willpower which works like a muscle. If you use a muscle too much, it becomes tired, so this approach doesn’t work. You should make self-discipline inevitable. Now let me show you how to make this happen.

The first step is to remove all temptations. For example, Instagram is addictive, but you can uninstall this app on your phone so that you will be able to focus on what’s important to you.

The second step is to focus on what you are truly curious about. If you find it very hard to concentrate on what you are doing, it only means you are focusing on the wrong thing, because when you are focusing on the right thing, you wouldn’t find it so hard. Don’t ignore what you are truly, genuinely curious about – your real curiosity has to be the theme of your work.

“If you can’t focus on what you do, that means it’s not important to you enough. If it’s very important to you, you will focus on what you do – that makes self-discipline inevitable.”

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