How to enjoy every minute of a romantic date with a Ukrainian woman

January 26, 2021 at 9.39am by in Slavic Women
Slavic dating

Life is short, so you should totally enjoy every moment! When you are on a date with a Ukrainian lady, you are entitled to a good time. Now please let me show you how to savor every minute of a date. 😊

  • Little things that can make a difference:

Having a great date isn’t always about doing something extraordinary. Actually, you probably can’t do something extremely remarkable every single time. Realistically, there are many little things that you can do and these little things will make the date very enjoyable.

  1. When you are on a coffee date with a Ukrainian woman, you can order at least three drinks and encourage her to order more than one drink as well. This is fun because when you have multiple drinks in front of you, the date suddenly has more flavors! For example, you can order a latte, a matcha and a hot chocolate! She may order a Cappuccino, a flat white and a long black. You may even try this tactic when you are on a dinner date, e.g., ordering three different cocktails at the same time and encouraging her to do the same thing! 😉
  • When the waiter or waitress brings you marshmallows with the hot chocolate, try to put at least one marshmallow in your coffee rather than the hot chocolate. Taste the marshmallow now!
  • When the waiter or waitress brings you dark chocolate with your drinks. Instead of eating the dark chocolate separately, you can put the dark chocolate in your matcha and taste the matcha!
  • Ask your Ukrainian lady to mix her Cappuccino with her flat white! Be spontaneous.

Of course, you don’t have to be playful all the time on the date. Ideally, you should combine your playful side with your serious side. For instance, after having fun with the marshmallow on the date, you suddenly begin to talk about the book you’ve been reading this week and it’s a very serious book about European history & culture.

The combination of your fun qualities and your serious traits will make you unique. That’s your unique monopoly which literally makes you irreplaceable in the Ukrainian lady’s world.

Another example is to be funny and tell a lot of jokes on the date, and then at the end of the date, you ask her in a serious manner, “Do you know how to get home from here?” This change will make her find you very attractive because you can be the humorous guy and then you can also be the reliable guy. Now you are a multi-dimensional person! Congratulations!

  • Be the most interesting guy that she has ever met.

Most men are quite boring because they don’t have much to offer in dating and relationships. But you aren’t one of them. I know you are different because you are reading this article carefully right now and you are interested in improving your dating skills. Most men rarely work on their dating skills, unfortunately.

The best way to be a very interesting guy is to connect with your Ukrainian lady emotionally. In other words, most of the time, your Ukrainian girlfriend should feel some kind of emotions when she is with you.

A feminine woman is always looking to experience a wide range of emotions when she is dating a guy. Here are some examples of how to achieve this effect:

  1. If you’ve been dating her for quite a while, you can tell her how you felt when you met her for the first time. Be specific and describe your feelings in detail, e.g., “When we went out for the first date, you were wearing a blue dress which reminds me of Norah Jones’s movie My Blueberry Nights, a movie that I saw 13 years ago. I will never forget how romantic it was. And your blue nails were matching your blue dress so well on our first date. I think blue has become my favorite color since that moment.” This description is simple and specific – it will make her feel deeply moved without knowing why. Trust me – women are very emotional, so your Ukrainian woman will be impressed under the radar.
  • After that, you can also ask her, “Which movie never fails to move you deeply in an unexpected way?” She might start to talk about why she loves movies like Last Christmas, even though so many people aren’t impressed.

“Give your Ukrainian lady a wide range of emotions and feelings when you are on a date with her, and then she will be addicted to you!”

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