The social skills you need in order to attract Ukrainian women

Ukrainian woman

Keen to meet and attract high-value Ukrainian women? This article will help you hone your social skills. You are welcome. 😉

  • “They have the best cocktails at this bar.”

If you are going to attend a social event where you can meet Ukrainian ladies, remember to do some research in advance and find out the following:

  1. What drinks on the menu are great?
  2. Is there a good place nearby that you can take a woman to for an instate date?

As you are having a good time at the social event, you may approach a Ukrainian lady and say, “They have the best cocktails at this bar.” In this moment, she will probably want you to recommend a cocktail.

As you are having a drink and chatting with her, please make sure the conversation is pleasant and delightful. Let’s say you and this woman get along pretty well. You may invite her to a museum nearby for an instant date.

If she says yes to your invitation, it means she is probably single and looking for love.

But if you don’t know whether she is single or not, there are many ways to find it out.

You can say this to her, “I don’t know whether you’re in a relationship right now, but my friend David is at the honeymoon phase with his new girlfriend, so I rarely see him nowadays.”

When it is the lady’s turn to talk, she will probably tell you if she is in a relationship or not.

In this moment, you can keep talking about your friend David by saying, “As I see it, the first 6 months of a new relationship must be good. Otherwise, the relationship won’t get better because if the initial stage is already stressful, a relationship doesn’t have a future.”

Now you are showing her the right direction of the dynamics – you and this woman talk about dating and relationships. Therefore, if she is a single Ukrainian woman, she will begin to consider you as a suitable candidate. 😊

Let’s say she is a tourist. You can even ask her, “Have you been in a relationship in this town? Do you think dating is different here?”

Please note that tourists are oftentimes quite curious about everything; therefore, you must make her even more curious.

If you are courageous, you can simply ask, “Do you have a boyfriend in this city?”

Just make sure that you sound offhand and natural. You are just curious about her instead of trying too hard in order to be a part of her life.

If you are talking with a Ukrainian lady about movies, you may say, “Do you have a partner who takes you to the movies?”

Okay, if her answer is no, you could say something along the lines of, “Why not? Movies are surely more fun when you have somebody to kiss in the cinema.”

  • “What do you often do at weekends?”

This question has two purposes: 1) You can find out whether this Ukrainian woman is single or not. 2) You can find out her true interests and hobbies.

Let’s say her answer includes ‘we’ – you should know that she is probably not single. But if her answer includes “I”, it usually means she is a single woman. When she says, “I/We oftentimes go to the cinema”, you can directly ask her, “Awesome. Who do you usually go to the cinema with?”

You will know whether she is single or not immediately.

Well, if she is single, you should totally ask her out for a movie date.

Just say this to her, “If you aren’t seeing anyone at the moment, maybe you and I should catch up some time.

Be the bold guy. 😉

Sometimes ladies will want to know why you are single. Now here are the perfect answers to that question:

  1. I love my life the way it is now. If I have a girlfriend, she has to be a very special person.” (Now you are showing your high standards.)
  2. I certainly love the freedom in life. If a special woman comes along, I will consider a commitment.”

That means you aren’t a desperate salesman; in contrast, you are a very cautious buyer! Dating is the only situation where two people are selling and buying at the same time.

“Paying a Ukrainian woman a compliment in a genuine and authentic manner will possibly make her fall for you and cherish you.”

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