How to make a relationship with a Ukrainian lady sustainable

marriage with a Ukrainian woman

A serious relationship doesn’t have to be intimidating. In fact, it can be very enjoyable if you know how to manage it well. Let’s say you are dating a very intelligent Ukrainian woman and you feel intimidated by her intelligence. Now you can tease her about her intelligence – next time when you go to a party with her, you simply say this to friends in a playful way, “Anna is intelligent. She doesn’t like to talk to us anymore.” Of course, people can see it’s a joke 😊

  • When you feel nervous in front of your high-value Ukrainian lady….

The easiest way to feel worthy when you are dating out of your league is to be spontaneous and do things that she is afraid to do.

In this way, you can increase your perceived attractiveness, perceived value & perceived challenge immediately.

I remember Gary Vaynerchuk wrote a book called Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World in which he talks about give, give, give… and then ask for something.

Although his book is about business development, this theory also applies to dating and relationships – you have to play the slow game and then you will get much bigger rewards as a result.

  • Don’t become a social hub and don’t arrange a party if you are an introvert, but you should be close to hubs.

A social hub is someone who organizes parties regularly – this individual knows a lot of people and has a powerful network. If you want to make your relationship with a Ukrainian woman enjoyable, you would be well-advised to take her to parties at times.

I understand that many men are introverts, so arranging a party isn’t ideal for them. Also, being a social hub looks like a full-time job. Therefore, if you are also an introvert, you should totally be close to hubs. Go to their parties: show up and be fun.

When you walk in a party and start talking to people, your Ukrainian wife will notice that you are socially aware of what’s happening and you are able to connect with others in a friendly way. She will find you more attractive because of that. Also, when you can talk to people at ease, the hub will want to invite you to their parties in the future because now they know they don’t need to baby-sit you. Make friends with the hub’s friends. Compliment the hub. Dress appropriately. Introduce yourself to the center of the party. Offer them everything you can. This creates synergy – ask yourself, “How can I genuinely offer something?” Remember: no friendship/relationship lasts where there is no win-win.

Moreover, you can learn how to work any room so that you can socialize with people easily. I’d like to encourage you to interact with ten people within the first 5 minutes when you arrive at a party. Have a traveler’s mindset, even though you are staying in your local area. If others are in groups, you can touch one person’s shoulder and say, “Excuse me, sorry to interrupt. Did you just eat here? Any recommendations?” And then feel free to leave the conversation.

Please be aware of the fact that in your Ukrainian lady’s opinion, the perceived potential is probably more powerful than the present reality. That means when she knows you are able to connect with people at ease, she notices the potential of this relationship because your luck is determined by who you know to a large extent. Indeed, passion and certainty are important (especially certainty which is the sexiest thing in the world). When you speak with certainty, people follow. Thus, everything you say should carry that certainty – people follow certain people.

“Lead with your state; be the pioneer. Focus on liking your Ukrainian lady – she is an individual who needs your approval.”

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