The 5 Cs in a relationship with a Ukrainian woman

Ukrainian women

To be loved and to love someone are both very important human needs that should be met properly. (Everyone wants to be loved; psychologists argue that to love somebody is a basic human need as well, so a person not only wants to be loved, but also wants to love someone.) To have sustainable happiness, you definitely need real love. Ukraine Brides Agency is here to help you every step of the way so you can find real love on our website. Relationship consultant Wala Truscott points out that there are 5 Cs in a romantic relationship with a Ukrainian woman – chemistry, communication, connection, clarity and change.

  • What are the 5 Cs?
  1. Chemistry refers to the dance of erotic polarity, i.e., the subtle difference between feminine energy and masculine energy – this leads to erotic tension, flavors and flirty fun in a relationship.
  • Communication means two people are able to communicate with each other cleanly and clearly. They know what they want and can unapologetically ask for what they want.
  • Connection is the emotional bond between two people in a relationship. The quality of a relationship is determined by how genuine their connection is.
  • Clarity is all about living an authentic life that’s true to yourself. Realistically, you can only love as deeply as you love yourself. If you don’t give yourself radical self-love, resentment and exhaustion will arise in your relationship later on. Therefore, it’s important to explore your hobbies, build a successful career and enjoy an amazing social circle – these can give you more clarity as your hobbies, career and social circle shape your comfort zone which doesn’t depend on your intimate relationship. In other words, your comfort zone is with you no matter where you go (no matter you have a girlfriend or not). I know the idea of “comfort zone” has a negative meaning nowadays as a lot of books tell you that you must get out of your comfort zone and do something impressive. Yet in this article, comfort zone is the matrix where you derive your confidence from, i.e., interests, hobbies, career, friends, etc.
  • Change: Do you have curiosity and compassion towards conflict, change and growth in your romantic relationship? This is actually a very healthy aspect of relating! 😊
  • Are you in the flow state?

In dating and relationships, “state” / “flow state” is when you are very focused on something and your mind can’t even be distracted. Because you feel motivated and energized, nothing could bring you down. For instance, you are madly in love with your Ukrainian lady, so the grass looks greener and the sky is absolutely blue & even your boring day job seems to be more stimulating these days. 😉

Now many people use “state” as an excuse: “I feel out of state, so I’ll cancel our date night this week.” / “I don’t feel in the zone today, so I won’t go out for the date”. I know state is important, but it’s probably overrated. Let me explain.

If Celine Dion and I were to join a singing competition together, who would perform much better, Celine Dion or me?

Although you possibly want me to be the winner, the raw truth is Celine Dion’s singing performance at her worst state will still be significantly better than my best singing performance. Though I’m more motivated and more focused than Celine Dion, her singing techniques can’t compare to mine. Therefore, no state in this world is able to fill in the skill gap!

Even though a flow state can’t give you brand-new skills, it can certainly improve everything you know how to do. In other words, when you are in state, you are obviously more inspired, but your state is absolutely useless if you don’t even know how to maintain chemistry in a relationship because your behavior is what a Ukrainian woman notices.

Ukrainian ladies are more drawn to the actual experience you are able to give them than where your headspace really is. Thus, please focus on offering them a very good time – this should be your priority on each date.

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