How to pay a Slavic woman a compliment… in the right way

Slavic women

Slavic women like men who value honesty, so when you pay them compliments, you have to be genuine!

“I like your beautiful eyes.”

This compliment is wildly effective and very genuine.

If you are talking with a Slavic lady at a social event, please keep the delightful conversation going. And then you pause. You look at her eyebrows, her eyes, her nose, her lips and her eyes again. It means your eyes are slowly ‘traveling’ on her face.

That can instantly build tremendous attraction as the silence creates chemistry.

Where there is massive attraction, there is no sleaziness.

In this moment, you say, “I like your beautiful eyes.”

This Slavic woman will find you very intoxicating.

Straight ladies want to be appealing to straight men. That is just female psychology as most women are validated by male attention. Giving her an approval like this will surely make her feel closer to you.

Do not underestimate the power of attraction and visual chemistry. Truthfully, ladies are very visual as well. However, the way ladies operate in this respect is slightly different to guys’ approach.

Guys are very, very visual: Men are keen to meet beautiful ladies. If a guy creates a list of standards that his ideal partner should have, probably 7 out of 10 items in the list will be about the way she looks.

Yet ladies are so different. Oftentimes, it is not really about your looks. It’s actually about the way you look at her.

In reality, traditionally handsome men are everywhere, yet very few guys know how to look at a woman in the right ways.

There is a reason why Darren Hayes is way more well-known than Daniel Jones. (Both of them were Savage Garden’s members.) In fact, Daniel Jones is slim and handsome naturally. Nevertheless, Darren Hayes is a real star – although he is probably not the most good-looking man on the planet, he surely understands how to look at the camera and make women fall in love with him. No wonder Darren Hayes has so many female fans around the world. Simply go to watch Savage Garden’s early videos made in the 90s (e.g. To the Moon and Back – the black-and-white version as well as the music video made in Los Angeles & Universe – the music video about glamour in the gutter). You will see how Darren Hayes mastered the art of looking at the camera – his female audience.

“So… I’m just curious….”

As you are talking to a Slavic woman, you can use this line to turn a boring chat into an intriguing conversation – she will pay close attention to what you will say.

She is curious about those who are curious about her.

Remember to pause after “So” and after “I’m just curious”. Pausing for one second makes what you will say even more mysterious. Note that introducing silence and pauses to an interaction with a woman literally creates powerful chemistry and attraction, especially if you keep eye contact with her!

Here is a typical example:

YOU: “Glad to meet you. I’m Joe. What’s your name?”

HER: “Glad to meet you, too. My name is Elizabeth. What do you do?”

YOU: “I’m a lawyer. What about you?”

HER: “I’m a writer.”

(You look at her eyes and then you pause.)

YOU: “So… I’m just curious…. Are you an artist?”


Basically, you give her an opportunity to discuss her career choice and she will talk about what she enjoys doing at work. This will make her like you more.

When she shares something about her career success with you, you pay her a compliment! That will be highly effective.

“Look at the stars in the sky. Which star do you want? I’ll get it for you.”

If you approach a Slavic lady and you two are having a conversation at a party, you may use this line.

She may banter with you, so you simply take out your mobile phone and take a photo of a star outside the window, and then you send the photo to her. In this way, you have to exchange mobile phone numbers.

But if you are already in a relationship with a Slavic girlfriend, you can take her to the beach at night and look at the stars in the sky together. Then you ask her which star she wants, and you take out a jewelry box in which there is a necklace/ring which shines brightly like a star.

She will love you forever because of this.

Remember: an engagement ring is the best compliment!

“Many women wait for a proposal forever, so your Slavic lady knows that a marriage proposal is very valuable – she will cherish this moment for the rest of her life.”

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