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According to experts’ research, men are happier immediately after a breakup; however, men feel very heartbroken a few months later. By contrast, women feel the tremendous pain immediately after a breakup, yet they tend to recover quickly several months later. However, as I see it, recovery has nothing to do with whether you are a man or a woman because full recovery is about doing the right things and allowing time to be the greatest healer. 

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  • Dos and don’ts after a painful breakup:


  1. Sleep well. Go to bed as early as humanly possible. If you need to go to bed at 6pm, do that!
  2. Eat well. Even if you don’t want to cook by yourself, you can buy a takeout (or takeaway for those who live in Australia) after work. Be sure to eat healthy food whenever possible.
  3. Do some kind of exercise. If you don’t want to go to the gym because your ex goes to that gym every day, you can do some exercise at home. Perhaps you can listen to some hip-hop music and dance in the kitchen?
  4. Read a good book. Sometimes the best inspiration and strength can be found in your favorite author’s writing! 
  5. Talk to people that you trust. Maybe you can talk to your close friends or a counsellor.


  1. Don’t call your ex.
  2. Don’t text your ex.
  3. Don’t stalk your ex.
  4. Don’t look at your ex’s social media pages.
  5. Don’t look at old pictures.
  6. Don’t idealize the romantic relationship that is already over.
  7. Don’t ask your ex’s friends about your ex.
  8. Don’t blame anyone.

Moving on from a painful breakup is just a decision. You have to decide what to do next! This is not magic; it’s very, very practical and real – your destiny is literally shaped by your decisions in life!

international dating
  • How to get ready for a new relationship:

After a breakup, it’s time to close a chapter of your life. The best way to do that is to find a bigger purpose in life. In other words, you must find a much bigger purpose beyond finding a romantic relationship, thereby knowing that you have great value to offer at all times. Then women will see that they would be lucky to date you. You aren’t going to be bothered by disappointments because you always have a bigger purpose in life anyway. 

Here are some typical examples of finding a bigger purpose in life:

  1. Starting a business that you are passionate about.
  2. Finding a career that you are genuinely interested in.
  3. Nurturing your friendships.
  4. Spending quality time with people that you care about.
  5. Building a wonderful lifestyle filled with hobbies and interests.
  6. Traveling the world.
  7. Reading a book per month.

Interestingly, when you focus on your bigger purpose, you automatically become a more attractive man on an international dating site because you are more confident and relaxed! 

“You are more than a man who has been let down and certainly more than a story of heartbreak after a painful breakup. Remember that when you find a much bigger purpose, a bigger why, you’ll build your core confidence gradually and find love again.”

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