Important conversation skills that every man needs in the online dating era

November 5, 2021 at 8.30am by in Online Dating
online dating

Are you a great storyteller? If you aren’t a fantastic talker, you may take some notes now. 

online dating
  • Attention leads to engagement.

If a woman isn’t listening to you on the date, whatever you say wouldn’t have an impact no matter how wonderful your story is. Therefore, you need her focus. This can be done by using the pronoun “you” more frequently and pausing until you actually get her eye contact. If you are not sure whether the lady is listening to you, you can gently say, “Well, you might want to pay attention to this part….” According to a well-known public speaker, audience engagement is of vital importance. 

Another technique that you can use is to start a story with “once upon a time” because this phrase makes her realize that you are about to tell her a story which happened in the past, i.e., you are going to share your previous experience with her. As a result, she feels more relaxed and is thinking… “Fantastic. A story for me”, thereby switching her brain into listening mode immediately. That’s why she will be much more receptive to carefully hearing you out while appreciating whatever you say. ✨

Don’t forget to add a twist to your story because a good storyteller always plays with the unexpected! For instance, the ending of the story can be surprising – unexpected responses are definitely unique and engaging. Now you are a socially confident guy who is not afraid to bend someone else’s expectations. You are attractive! In other words, you shouldn’t give her the response she wants/expects; you need a marvelous ending to the story. 💖

By the way, you would be well-advised to reward her to keep chatting to you. After she has finished talking, you can use a reward to encourage her to keep talking. The longer she speaks for, the more she is going to open up and reveal her wants, needs and desires. 💕

You can reward her by smiling and nodding, and then you ask a question to prompt her for further information.

online dating
  • Bonus ideas for the online dating world:

Yes, online dating is mainstream these days because the Internet has already transformed the way people communicate with each other in modern-day society. But if you’d like to maximize your chance of meeting the right woman, you shouldn’t sit on the sofa all day every day.

If it’s possible, you should say yes to every invitation and leave the house. You need to seize every opportunity to meet more women if you are a single man looking for true love. ❤️

What’s more, please do not rule ladies out who you don’t particularly fancy. I know this idea is a bit controversial, yet if you actually have a good connection with a lady but you don’t totally fancy her, it is dumb to end the friendship. You may wonder “what for” when she is clearly not the right woman that you would marry; however, you need more female friends. Please let me explain.

Most women may choose men from their existing social circles in real life, even though they also like internet dating. That means having a female friend whom you have a positive friendship with tells other ladies that you are a good guy. In other words, even though you don’t really fancy her, you might meet her friends and fall in love with one of them.

Next, stop pursing dead options. If you’ve had an on-and-off relationship with a woman who makes you guess what she wants and that bothers you, it’s time to end this relationship. Never put yourself in a passive position where a woman is choosing you; don’t wait on the annoying sidelines forever when time ticks away. Remember: time is a major limitation; you have to use your time more wisely.

“Are you ready to participate in the online dating era?”

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