International dating advice: After a breakup, how can you date again?

May 28, 2020 at 6.33am by in International Dating
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Breakups happen to everyone. Yes, all of us have had some painful breakups in the past, right? That’s absolutely normal. If you still feel upset because of a previous breakup, it’s not your fault. That only means you are a normal person with normal feelings. Now I’d like to talk about how to date again after a breakup. So, if you are looking for some international dating advice in this regard, you may take some notes.😊

A relationship that has ended is valuable, too (it is not a complete failure).

If you have left a relationship or you’re divorced, you may need some time to feel good (or normal) again. That’s okay. But after a while, it’s your responsibility to look after your love life.

Let’s say you left your ex-wife who is a typical western woman. Now you know western ladies are probably not your type. Then why not date women from other countries?

Yes, many individuals in western countries know that western ladies are not very feminine. Actually, western ladies often play mind games with guys – this is sad but true. Worse still, a lot of western ladies actually believe in feminism, so they challenge the traditional value system which is still valuable. In contrast, women from Eastern European countries are more honest, traditional, warm and gentle. If your marriage with a western wife didn’t work out, you may consider dating foreign women. You can be happily married to an Eastern European lady who is respectful, attractive and elegant.

If you still feel the pain from a previous breakup, it’s okay for you to join an international dating site now.

I know a breakup definitely hurts because it’s very painful. But whatever does not kill you can only make you stronger! Therefore, it’s totally okay to feel the pain, but you should keep going anyway! From now on, you can use an international dating website that introduces Eastern European women to you. A new girlfriend will surely start a new chapter in your life.

A lot of guys stop looking for true love after a painful breakup. Yet that is only the fear of being hurt once again. I think they should just learn from their experiences in the past and become stronger as a result. As a matter of fact, your previous relationship isn’t completely negative. It’s time to reframe things. When you encounter a challenge or a problem in your life, you can reframe it. Perhaps the breakup gives you too much pain. Nevertheless, you may find some evidence which proves that your ex has made your life a bit better, right? If you actually look for the evidence, you will probably find it today. Maybe your ex taught you how to set up boundaries and have some standards. Perhaps she has given you access to a powerful network. Those are all great things that you are not supposed to ignore. I would argue that you need to be grateful for your ex and cherish that relationship, even though it didn’t work out. With this empowering mindset, you are ready to put yourself out there again and date with confidence on an international dating website.

An effort VS an intelligent effort

I know relationships are not easy. However, it does not necessarily mean you only need to work hard. I think you can work twice harder than other people. Nonetheless, you probably cannot work ten times harder than others. As a result, you need to work smart. In the future, you can learn some dating skills and work on yourself, so you won’t have to learn things the hard way again.

For example, you can consider hiring a dating coach or purchasing some eBooks about communication, dating and relationships. I’d like to recommend several really good books: Leil Lowndes’s How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You, Mark Manson’s Models: Attract Women through Honesty and Robert Greene’s The Laws of Human Nature. You are welcome! 😉

The importance of escapism:

Before joining an international dating site, you can prepare your mindset and get ready to fall in love again.

Interestingly, studies have found that the value of entertainment is very high. That means although movies and music look useless in a way, these things are actually very helpful because they make people feel much less stressed!

Now I’m going to recommend some movies that you can watch when you are still dealing with the pain caused by a terrible breakup.

The first movie that I’d like to recommend is Sweet November (2001). This movie is quite sad & Keanu Reeves’s character certainly knows how to make dating unforgettable. Posting November calendars all over a woman’s apartment walls and soaking in chocolate in the bath are very romantic activities. Clearly, you will learn something from Keanu Reeves’s character in this romantic movie.

The second movie that I would like to recommend is Basic Instinct (1992). This is probably Sharon Stone’s most well-known movie. I think this movie reveals human nature really well in a very honest way.

Next, you can watch some chick flicks such as Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001) because this type of movies will help you understand female psychology. Well, this movie is not about a confident woman. In fact, it’s about a desperate single lady in her 30s who urgently needs to find true love and get married. Indeed, this movie shows how single women operate in love & in life. Now you will know what keeps a mature single woman awake at night!

Another movie that I highly recommend is Revolutionary Road (2008). This movie is about the psychology of a married woman whose dreams haven’t come true yet. Frankly, almost everyone has some dreams that haven’t really come true. Hence, you might want to watch this movie and see how mature women think when they really want to make great things happen.

A movie that has been discussed frequently on international dating site is A Walk in the Clouds (1995). This is also a Keanu Reeves’s movie, a classic romantic story which shows the dynamics of a very traditional family. As I see it, if you plan to marry a foreign bride who is from a traditional family, you need to watch this movie! You will learn how to communicate with her family members effectively.

On international dating websites, many people are also talking about All Roads Lead to Rome (2015) as well because this story is about international dating. In this romantic story, you will see how mature ladies think when they are in their late 40s and early 50s. Thus, if your vision is to date a mature woman, this movie is for you because it will give you some insights and inspiration. By the way, Sarah Jessica Parker looks really good in this movie!

“Dealing with a breakup is not the easiest thing in the world. But you will overcome the challenge in time and you can move on.”

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