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December 21, 2021 at 12.08pm by in Online Dating
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As the mainstream culture highly values romantic love, many single people feel the pressure. Consequently, dating isn’t easy these days. Therefore, is here to reignite the power of organic ways to meet people and start real & meaningful relationships.

  • Why more and more people don’t have social skills now:

Robert Greene famously said, “Without people skills, your technical skills wouldn’t work.” This is brutally true.

Realistically, people skills determine the quality of your relationships which determine the status of your mental health/wellbeing, according to an Australian psychologist who claims that every mental health problem has something to do with human relationships. What’s more, Dr Steven Phillipson even said, “I’ve never seen anyone who has great romantic relationships/friendships in my clinic. Everyone who suffers from mental health issues has negative relationships in their life.” Meanwhile, statistics indicate that mental health problems have become much more common right now.

Based on a study conducted by American author Mark Manson, in 2019 most people said they didn’t even have one person in their life that they can confide in. No wonder depression and anxiety have become major issues in contemporary society.

Indeed, we currently live in a world where everyone is staring at their smartphone. The majority of single people are looking at their phones for hours per day while building limited relationships in reality. Social skills are just like a muscle – if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. This is exactly what’s happening today.

The good news is is an internet dating community where people meet and build true relationships in a social setting. The organic way to meet new people could be the ultimate solution to a range of frustrating struggles.

  • The importance of friendship:

A romantic relationship is based on romance. In other words, without romance, the relationship is over.

A business partnership is based on mutual benefits. That is to say, when the mutual benefits are gone, the partnership ends.

But a friendship is a very high-level relationship: It’s not based on romance or mutual benefits; it’s purely based on the same values, respect and genuine care for each other. You can’t choose your family members; friends are the family members that you choose to have according to your real value system. That’s why friendship is actually the most significant relationship in humanity.

  • What’s the foundation of a romantic relationship?

Some couples only talk about logistics such as when to pick up the kids and who to call if the stove is broken. In reality, they aren’t even friends. No wonder the divorce rate is high.

The true foundation of a romantic relationship is friendship. If the friendship is solid and strong, the romantic relationship is sustainable.

As a result, we believe that ideally, a romantic relationship should start from a friendship. 😉

  • A bonus idea regarding social skills: Your network is your net worth.

During trying times like COVID-19, many people have to change their careers. Those who have more options are people who have a big network – they are more resilient and flexible during uncertain times because of their powerful network.

I would argue that it’s not always about who you know; it’s also about who knows you. Please let me explain.

If you know Matt who is the CEO of ABC Company, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can simply ask him to hire you when you need a job.

But if Ben the director of XYZ Company knows you and he needs to hire someone, he will think of you quickly.

“You would be well-advised to expand your network now. Don’t wait until you need a job. Dig the well before you are thirsty!”

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