How to know if someone is right for you


It would seem that in a world with a population of few billion people there cannot be any loneliness. Nevertheless, every day someone is looking for his right second half. Every day someone finds his true love and every day someone loses it in order to get it again. After all, sometimes it is very difficult to recognize that only one special person. Is there any recipe that will help you to find out if a person is right for you?


First of all, find out for yourself what you feel while being close to a person. Undoubtedly, if “your person” is near you, you feel differently. Increased nervousness before a date and during it is an indicator of something special. Think about what you feel next to your partner. And we are now talking not only about the natural feelings but also about the feeling of calmness, reliability, self-confidence precisely because of your second half.


Try to determine if your life values are similar. It’s very good when your second half respects views on life. Even better, when she lives on the same principles and respects the same values as you do. This does not apply to politics or religion, but to family, work, leisure, etc.


An important point in determining your right person is the presence of common or similar goals. It is difficult to overestimate the person who achieves the same thing in life as you. It’s like getting a companion with whom it will be nice to share.


Pay attention to how your behavior changes next to your loved one. If your right person is close to you, you will always feel comfortable in any place and company, because inside you will always have a feeling of confidence and reliability.


You can never take offense at your beloved for a long time, especially – offend your right person.


Also, pay attention, did you ever feel so happy? When our second half is next to us, it seems to us that there wasn’t and never will be a happier moment than this one. It seems to us that no one else will be able to give us so much warmth and happiness.


Though it is better to think with the head, but to feel with the heart, sometimes it is worth listening to intuition. Most people tend to the fact that a certain sixth sense is inherent in each of us, and if you learn to listen to it – it does not fail and will accurately indicate when it is your right person next to you.


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