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Making long distance relationships work seems to be something insane from the first side…But let’s understand completely what that actually is and what are pros and cons of it. The biggest feature of the relationships that unite people on dating sites is the distance that stands between them, especially if it is a western man and a Russian lady.

How do you make long distance relationships work?

Long distance relationships work when both he and she make plans about their further meeting. It is up to the man and the Russian lady to decide whether they turn these circumstances into advantages, or build a wall of thousands of kilometres between themselves.

How can you turn a minus, such as distance, into an advantage of your relationship?

First, always remember that the positives far outweigh the negatives.

Of course, the biggest drawback is the lack of physical contact. As it often happens, in difficult situations, after a hard-working day we need the warm embrace of our beloved instead of dozens of words and it cannot be changed with any excuses and persuasions.

But imagine how sweet the embrace will be when you finally meet.

On the other hand, the advantages of this situation should also be noted. For example, your relationships are not hampered by banal life. How many families break up due to the inappropriate time of the prepared supper or the socks that became stiff under the couch. In addition, you have a lot of time to spare, which you can devote to self-development or study topics that your second half likes. Thus, you will never be bored together and there will always be something to talk about. Please, do not hesitate to take a look at this important tip .

What else should you know about long distance relationships?

Since we have already touched on the topic of communication, it should be noted that this is practically the main point in relations at a distance. While separated by distance, communicate as often as possible. Talk about everything. Say what you thought to wear for a walk, talk about how to prepare the morning coffee. Talk about everything you see and feel.

Despite the distance – try to do some things together. Fortunately, 21st-century technologies allow us to see and hear a person who is on the other side of the globe. Try to cook dinner together. Or take a walk together – just describing everything you see around you on the street. You can agree to watch the same movie in phone mode or with a video call. Create opportunities for communication and use them as often as possible.

Another important factor that makes long distance relationships work is understanding the possibility of misunderstandings and this can be common where the language is different and how a message was read with the wrong intonation. In this case, it’s so easy to make a mistake. Remember how important it is to keep emotional stability with each other. It is better to ask several times than to be offended. Just try to understand and explain if suddenly your words have acquired a completely different meaning in the thoughts of your half.

Do not forget to please your loved ones with surprises – and the distance here is not an obstacle. No matter how far you are from your beloved. There is still a way to surprise them and forget about the separation for a while.

Most of all, remember that distance is only a temporary circumstance and only you two determine the duration of its temporality. And here you will find more tips.

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