7 Ways to Make Your Marriage Fun Again

October 16, 2017 at 6.59am by in Online Dating
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One of the issues in marriages is that the honeymoon and romance don’t seem to last longer than they should. While it is naturally happening to most married couples, it does not mean that you can’t bring back those feelings of burning love and excitement that you used to feel when you were starting as a couple. You may go through trying times and rough patches in your relationship but there will always be ways to rekindle the flame and make your togetherness fun and happy again.

If you think you need this in your marriage or relationship right now, here are some helpful ways on how you can make your marriage rock once again.

1. Remind yourself and your spouse that you appreciate them

After years of being together, you will feel that you have grown so familiar of each other that you will just settle into a comfortable routine. However, there is danger in this because too much familiarity can cause you to overlook many good things about your spouse because you have gotten used to having them around. It will cause you to lose the connection. And to help you feel reconnected, go back to the reason why you love your partner. Remind yourself about the things that you love and appreciate about them. And of course, don’t forget to share these compliments with your spouse. Let them know that they are desired, wanted and appreciated.

2. Let go of worrying

Worrying is one of the things that ruins many relationships including marriages. It’s because when you are worried, you see every single thing in a negative light and it causes misunderstandings and arguments. It can make you cause pain even to those you love. To have a happier marriage, let go of the things that worry you and take control of your lives. Worrying does not do you any good, but it will only hold you back from enjoying the present and having a good time with your spouse and your family.

3. Surprise each other

Even when you have been together as a married couple for years, exerting some effort to surprise each other will be helpful. It does not have to be something grand or extravagant. You can surprise your husband or wife even with the simple things like getting breakfast ready for them on their rest day. Or it could be doing an errand for them they weren’t expecting you to do, simply because you don’t want them to go through the hassle and feel stressed. You can also send them a sweet message at a random time in a day while they are at work. There are plenty of things that you can actually do to make your partner happy. All you need is just to look around.

4. Say “thank you” even for the tiny things

It always feels good when you know that the things you do, no matter how tiny they are, are being appreciated and thanked for. So instead of keeping score of the household chores you did yourself the entire weekend, why don’t you instead keep score of the things you need to thank your significant other for. Make it a daily habit. During or at the end of your day, think back and recall the positive things that your partner did and thank them. Make sure that it is done with sincerity. If they feel appreciated, they will reciprocate the gesture.

5. Make time for having fun

When you are already married, especially when you already have children, you get so busy with everything that is going on with your lives – work and career, children, family, household, etc. But you should not forget that you also need time for yourselves as couples. While you can do a lot of fun things and activities together as a family, you should not also forget that you need to spend quality time ALONE. At least once a month, go on a date with just the two of you. You can go watch a movie, eat at your favorite restaurant, or just anything that you used to enjoy doing when you were just starting out. You will realize how much you have missed these things and it will make you want to do it again and do it often.

6. Try something new together

Being married does not mean that you can no longer try something new or go on an adventure together. What’s that one thing you have been dreaming to do as a couple but never got the chance to? If it is something adventurous, then it is never too late to do it. It can also be something relaxing like going on a getaway island or something you just want to learn together. The idea of trying out something new will make you feel excited once again and it will help you feel bonded and reconnected because you don’t get to do this with anyone else but your spouse.

7. Choose to be positive

If you want a happy marriage, positivity is one of the keys. You may argue and disagree about a lot of things but if you choose to be positive, everything will just follow. When you are positive about things, you can see the bright side of every situation and it will make it easier for you to resolve issues and overcome difficulties in your marriage.

Do you and your significant other go out of you way to make your marriage fun and happy? Do you still find ways to rekindle the flame? Don’t wait for your marriage to start falling apart before you do something about it. All marriages go through trials but you can always do something to make it work and to make it last. These are but a few steps but they can help you bring back more fun to your marriage. They are worth trying because your marriage is worth keeping.

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