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How to be the man women want is an often asked question nowadays. If we compiled a rating of the most common false opinions about women, in the top there would certainly be an opinion that the woman herself does not know what she wants.


Undoubtedly, Ukrainian lady may not know to drink a cup of strong tea or fragrant coffee for breakfast, to put on some dress or trousers. Anyway, simple everyday doubts and hesitations are an integral part of each of us. But what the lady knows for sure, is what kind of man she would like to see next to her, in whose arms she will feel fragile and delicate, behind the back of which man she will feel completely safe.

So how can you be the kind of man that all ladies need?

He is sensitive and caring, attentive and courteous, etc. In a word, a real gentleman.

This is the pattern of opinion about the real male ideal. Let’s talk about the qualities that make up you a real man in the ladies’ eyes.

Learn to make decisions quickly and unconditionally. To be lost in thoughts and decisions – leave this prerogative to the ladies. Your decisions must be quick and constant. As soon as you make a decision, all other options immediately disappear. You can forget about all the other variants.

Be the master of your word. Once promised – do everything to fulfill this promise. It will speak of you as a reliable person, who you can trust to.

Forget about indecision. The lady will always give preference to a confident man. After all, this is exactly such kind of man that will be the lady’s rock and she will feel like a real woman who does not need to take over the functions of the head of the family. Actually, it is you. You are the head of the family. The resolute, brave man who is responsible for his words and deeds.

Watch yourself and your life. Control the situation, or at least to pretend that nothing happened.

Set goals and go to them.

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