Marriage advice: How to have a drama-free marriage

August 25, 2020 at 12.37am by in Slavic Women

The high divorce rate in western countries implies that most marriages are full of drama. Yes, you read that right. I said “most” rather than “some” because if 50% of couples are divorced, it doesn’t mean the rest are happily married. Truthfully, only 20% of couples are not divorced and are actually happily married. In other words, 80% of all marriages in western countries have failed. Small wonder so many men in western countries are looking for drama-free relationships with Ukrainian brides.

Do not date the wrong women.

If you date the wrong woman, the prerequisite of a drama-free marriage doesn’t exist. End of story.

Well, indeed, drama is unavoidable if you date the wrong person, okay? You must make decisions wisely from the beginning. In other words, you have to avoid women who do not admire you, women who do not genuinely respect you, women who are controlling and manipulative, women who are jealous and women who can’t apologize properly. Those are typical red flags that you must be aware of from the start. Otherwise, this marriage will be chaotic. So, you really have to select a candidate who supports and values you in the first place. 😊

Do you know what matters to you? Maybe you think you know what you want logically, but on an emotional level, perhaps you want something else. For example, let’s say you logically know that you want an intelligent woman, but whenever you are talking to a pretty woman, your standards go out of the window. That’s very common and it’s a big mistake. ☹

Every woman will surely have something that possibly annoys you because there is no magic pill for eliminating conflicts. The real challenge of a marriage is deciding which disagreements are worth worrying about & which disagreements are not.

Here are some examples:

If she re-schedules plans repeatedly, would you get angry? Is it worth a one-week fight about who goes to whose hometown for Christmas? Is it really necessary to have an argument about what you will do this weekend?

I would like to point out that what truly defines a marriage is not really the absence of conflicts, but what you are happy to disagree about.

Please look at people in your social circle who tend to have drama in their marriages all the time. Usually, they fight over meaningless things because they are petty.

As long as you understand the difference between the big picture and small details that don’t even matter, you will appreciate your Ukrainian wife and can have a drama-free marriage. 😉

How you handle disagreements definitely matter.

Do not dwell when you have a disagreement.

I know some couples always turn a 30-minute problem into a 3-week argument. They start to be passive aggressive and demonstrate silent treatment as well as cold behavior.

Thus, if you would like to maintain a drama-free marriage, you must forgive fast. Just sit down with your partner and have an honest conversation, “When X happens, I feel Y…” That’s how you talk out of the issue, find a solution and apologize properly.

You need to reduce your recovery timeframe, thereby reducing the drama.

Of course, every marriage will have some crisis moments, and that’s normal. When a crisis moment happens in your marriage, you should respond with action rather than words only. Remember to do the right thing that will surely make your Ukrainian wife smile because she knows you care.

By the way, please do not include all your family and friends in disagreements like that. I know it’s very tempting to chat with your family and friends on Facebook when you are mad at your partner. Yet this approach will simply make your issue multiply. Hence, if a problem is irrelevant to another person, please keep others out of your business in this regard unless you seriously need some support from a person that you trust.

I know some people who are involved in your drama may create more drama because it’s just like adding fuel to the fire when the conversation grows. As a result, you would be well-advised to resolve it with your partner before asking for others’ opinions.

When the problem is resolved, you need to find joy from new sources in your marriage.

A person who can proactively find joy in life is an unshakeable individual in love. This person always works on making himself/herself better and stronger. Even if this person is sensitive and vulnerable, he/she is switched-on and has a very unshakeable inner pilot light. It’s a bit like some solid rock of self-respect that cannot be removed no matter what’s happening in their lives. An individual like that brings joy and meaning to their world by themselves without relying on someone else.

In order to stay married, you must have the following elements in your marriage:

Firstly, the chemistry has to be present at all times. Never stop flirting with your Ukrainian wife. Always communicate how you feel effectively. That’s how you maintain the attraction in your marriage.

Secondly, remember to do things that feed your soul rather than your ego. Build a strong and invincible character that you are proud of. Character is so key because it makes you an amazing man. When you live your life at the highest level, your Ukrainian wife will certainly admire you.

That is to say, chemistry and attraction can start a relationship, whereas your personality helps you to maintain the relationship.

Lastly, always choose respect. It means you have boundaries in your marriage. You are fulfilled internally and you do not fear leaving when somebody does not respect you. Because you highly value yourself, you know what you actually deserve in life.

Build a strong marriage.

According to a recent study in Europe and North America, strong marriages tend to have the following features:

In the first place, a happy couple who can maintain their marriage well has intellectual connection, for love isn’t simply about the heart – love is a meeting of great minds as well.

As a man and a woman fall in love, they are fascinated by their conversations because they love talking to each other.

In the second place, a happy couple in a healthy marriage has shared values as well as mutual understanding. It means this couple has something that is beyond visual chemistry. Basically, true love is a sense of generosity and a similar way of looking at this world. When your Ukrainian wife gets you, you know you are married to the right woman.

Now you can ask yourself, “Does my lady really value things I do in life? Do I need to constantly explain myself if I spend many hours with her?” So, if what matters to you also matters to your Ukrainian wife, you are married to the right lady!

Last but not least, a happy couple who can stay married have emotional honesty. That means they talk about what they actually think about. They can have real, honest and intelligent conversations every day.

“Being married to a Ukrainian bride means you can enjoy a drama-free marriage.”

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