Marrying a Ukrainian bride: find true love that lasts a lifetime

Ukraine brides

How do we know whether a relationship can last for a lifetime? Actually, there are several key factors that we have to be aware of:

Do you and your Ukrainian lady have a strong friendship?

I know this sounds a bit strange, but a strong friendship is the foundation of a strong romantic relationship. Without the strong friendship, a romantic relationship is more likely to be lust only.

Do you and your Ukrainian girlfriend have compatible flaws?

If your partner likes drinking and you are a shopaholic but you can’t stand each other because of those differences, then you don’t have compatible flaws.

However, if your partner is a workaholic and you are a relatively distant person in a relationship, then chances are you have compatible flaws. 😉

Note that only when your flaws are compatible can this relationship last for a lifetime.

Do you and your Ukrainian lady have compatible conflict management strategies?

Obviously, conflict is inevitable in every relationship. How you manage conflict determines whether your relationship can last forever.

I still remember Savage Garden has a song called A Thousand Words in which Darren Hayes describes attraction in so many different ways. Indeed, attraction can be confusing because it includes sexual tension, infatuation… and love?! What’s the real difference between infatuation and love?

Infatuation is fueled by oxytocin, whereas love is fueled by connection. Infatuation is the official term which explains why and how love-at-first-sight happens – when you meet someone attractive, your brain and body release a large amount of oxytocin immediately, which builds the sexual tension instantly. That’s why everything about that person is attractive! But after the level of oxytocin reduces, you might begin to wonder why you were so obsessed in the first place.

In contrast, love is based on emotional connection which is created by shared experiences and a shared vision. Yes, a shared blueprint is paramount because love is not just about two people looking at each other’s eyes; it’s also about two people looking at the same direction.

Infatuation rarely lasts, while love can last for a lifetime. The reason why infatuation almost never lasts is because it is not based on a solid foundation. Obviously, when the spark is intense, it makes you feel great (or even aroused). But once the spark is gone, infatuation stops working.

By contrast, love is much more sustainable because the foundation is solid – a relationship filled with love isn’t about having sparky moments every single day; instead, it’s about trusting each other, having faith in each other and supporting each other unconditionally. Therefore, love can last for a long, long time.

Infatuation feels surreal, whilst love feels very realistic. If a romantic experience seems to be something from a movie, chances are this experience is actually infatuation because it doesn’t even look real. For example, let’s say you met a guy in a coffee shop where both of you were reaching for the same cup of coffee and accidentally touched each other’s hands. Then you started a conversation and miraculously, you hit it off straight away without any legitimate reasons. You probably need to evaluate whether that is purely based on chemistry only or not.

Although love also contains chemistry, it’s definitely beyond chemistry because it has other important aspects as well: genuine affection, mutual interests, a future plan, and so forth.

Have you experienced infatuation or love?

How to have a good first date with a Ukrainian woman:

The first impression is very lasting.

And you only have one chance to create a good first impression.

Therefore, the importance of a good first date is paramount & I’d like to show you how to have an unforgettable first date. Remember to take notes! 😉

Forget about the dinner date that makes you yawn.

Traditionally, most people prefer the dinner date as the first date. But that’s not very creative at all.

Truthfully, the dinner date has several disadvantages that shouldn’t be ignored:

1)         When you sit in a restaurant with a stranger for at least 1.5 hours or 2 hours, you have to keep the conversation going, even if the chemistry is absent.

2)        The typical dinner date means you are sitting down with someone like having a job interview. It’s hard to relax.

How to have a better first date with a Ukrainian woman:

Because this is the first date, you should make it casual and flexible. For instance, you could meet that person in a coffeehouse where you can spend somewhere between 20 minutes and 60 minutes. So, it depends on whether you two have chemistry or not – if you like each other, you can have a longer coffee date; if you don’t like each other, you can end the date earlier. No hard feelings. 😊

Actually, if the coffee date goes well, you can even say something along the lines of, “You know what, there is a bookstore near here and I can certainly find the book that I was talking about just now. Let me show you the book there!” That means you can extend the date by taking this person to the bookstore.

Alternatively, you can say something like, “Oh, I know there is a very cool gallery / museum near here. We should go there now.” Obviously, if this individual likes you too, they will say yes to your suggestion!

Have you noticed that the above-mentioned two examples don’t involve questions like “Would you like to go to the bookstore / museum / gallery with me?” Well, in fact, questions are less powerful and less effective than statements because when you ask someone a question, they literally have two questions in their head:

I.          “Can I go to the bookstore / museum / gallery with this person?”

II.        “Do I want to go to the bookstore / museum / gallery with this person?”

However, when you suggest that going to the bookstore / museum / gallery is a great idea without asking a question, they only have one question in their head: “Can I go to the bookstore / gallery / museum with this person?”

Happy dating! 😉

Self-confidence is the state of feeling certain about the truth of your worth.

Indeed, certainty is the primary attribute of a high-value person. A high-value individual is confident about their self-worth. This individual is aware of their own abilities, appeal and what they deserve. A person who is 100% certain about themselves has a deep feeling of self-worth which informs all their other attributes. If this person isn’t getting what they need or want from a romantic relationship, they will surely feel comfortable articulating their needs, or walking away.

Besides, certainty turns out to be one of the sexiest traits you can have. For example, a Ukrainian lady with certainty knows that a guy’s life would be dramatically improved for having her in it. She also knows that when the right man rocks up, committing to her will be the best decision he will ever make in his entire life, because she knows with 100% certainty that she is the best thing that can ever happen to him.

“Self-determination and independence are important qualities of a high-value individual.”

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