How much information should you share on your online dating profile

April 6, 2018 at 2.01am by in Dating advice

Dating requires lots of thinking… There are millions of online profiles, but dating profiles are especially unique and you should understand the unique purpose of dating profiles. How much information should you share on your online dating profile?

Give them a little sneak peek of who you are but nothing more.

Certain information is a given on most dating sites. Age, career, and interests are pretty general topics that make up the bulk of a profile. It is safe to go into a bit of detail here, but you should keep it general.

Be Safe!

You should recognize that the people who are going to be reading your profile are complete strangers.Better write about your career, but do not mention where you work specifically. You can write about where you are from, but do not (ever) write out your contact details or home address.

Do Not Overshare!

Don’t mention past relationships. Sharing stories of past relationships in your dating profile is a quick way to turn potential dates away. Your profile should intrigue people, make them want to learn more about you, not make them wonder why they are reading your profile in the first place.

Do not go making sweeping statements about things you hate. Sharing your dislikes is not really something you should advertise, and also, you do not want any negativity on your profile. But also, you should not go too specific on your list of wants.

Your dating profile should be a short insight into who you are, not a whole story of your life. You should be specific and avoid clichés. Avoid generic statements like “I love sunsets and kittens.” Talk about specific things you do like. For example, you can share your favorite activities and why you like them so much, but do not write everyone how you first got into them. These little snippets of information about you are going to provide lots of talking points for potential dates on a chat site.

You should post great photos consistent with your profile. People go to photos first. You can find some useful tip on how to make your profile picture to stand out here.

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