Tips on How to Make your Profile Picture Stand Out

June 1, 2016 at 2.04pm by in Dating advice

Anyone seriously interested in meeting someone new for dating or possible marriage may be looking into online dating. A great Ukraine dating site might be the perfect venue to check out when hoping to find a special person. Success with online dating often relies on creating a solid profile. In particular, the profile must have solid photos and images that make a good impression.

The selected pictures for a profile should be very carefully selected. This is absolutely true of the main profile picture. Since the goal here is to impress, the picture has to get across positive traits in an attractive way. There are a few ways to make sure this occurs.

  • Hire a Professional Photographer

Snapping a picture with a smartphone may seem like the easiest option, but the end result could end up being far less than perfect. With a profile picture, particularly a primary one, the image has to impress. A professional knows how to frame and light a photo to really highlight the positives of the subject matter. The photos can be taken at a photographer’s studio or at a client’s home. Yes, there is a cost involved with all this but the cost may be worth if the goal is to impress a special Ukraine lady.

Those who do not have the budget to hire a professional photographer should not fret through. Following a few basic tips could aid with getting the most out of a profile picture.

The key point is, whether the photo is done by a professional or is a DIY job, the photo should be specifically created for the profile. Do this to get the maximum impact.

  • Go with Medium Shots

Close-ups might seem like a good idea because they are, well, up close and personal. The trouble with close-ups is they are a bit jarring. Also, with a close-up, the person is seeing just a head shot and nothing else. The photo doesn’t tell much of a tale since there is nothing in the background revealing much about the person in the photo. Medium shots are much better since they show more of the person and can also tell a story about the person through the additional content in the photo.

  • Tell a Story with Frame Content

If the profile photo is taken with a background displaying a baseball diamond, a tennis court, an overflowing bookcase, or exquisite artwork on the wall, a lot is communicated about the person in the photo. Far too often, people try to cram a ton of information into the prose descriptions on the profile. How many people are going to take time out to read seven single-spaced paragraphs? Not that many, and most people perusing a dating profile are going to mostly skim a profile. This is why photos that tell a story are so helpful. They reveal a lot visually, which is perfect for capturing attention and letting the person checking out the profile learn more.

  • Add a Number of Action Photos

Beyond the primary photo on the profile, post a number of active photos showing you doing something (or things). Once again, the goal here is convey information to the person checking out the profile. Action photos are going to help with this cause tremendously. Action photos do a lot of good for the person in them when the person looks like he is having fun. Who doesn’t want to be around an active person who is interested in having a good time?

  • Don’t Be Alone in the Picture

No, you do not have create a group photo. Honestly, the photo should not be a group photo, at least in terms of the foreground. (You do not want anyone to detract focus from you too much) Having other people in the background or, for that matter, having pets in the background or even the foreground, could be a nice touch. A bit of interesting psychology is at work here. The addition of other people (or animals!) in the photo gets you across as a social, well-adjusted person and not a loner. Someone could be put as ease by seeing you in pictures of this nature.

  • Be Real and Current

Never try to manufacture an image on a photograph. The person is going to eventually meet the real you so why try and present an inaccurate image? Doing so may only lead to disappointment. Make sure those photos are current. Posting a photo that is two years old because it shows a thinner you is a bad idea for the obvious reason. That is not what you look like now and not what someone is expecting to meet. Keep things real with the photos.

Ukraine dating can be made a lot easier with the right approach. Maximizing the benefits of posting a great profile photo helps with this cause. So, never be too casual with the photo selection. A lot is hinging on that picture!

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