6 Relationship Advice for New Couples

December 8, 2017 at 6.00am by in Dating advice
New Couples

Being in a new relationship is something that gives you an exciting and ecstatic feeling. You feel like you’re always happy and in a good mood, and that nothing can ever ruin your day. You feel an overflowing kind of love that for once in your life, you are sure that you are loved, too. This is one of the first stages that you go through when you are in a new relationship. And while it is indeed a happy feeling to be in this stage, you should know that your relationship will eventually evolve and transition to the next different phases.

Here are some helpful relationship advice you may want to heed if you want to make your relationship last.

1. Spend quality time at least one day in a week

You need to decide on a specific date when you want to have quality time together as couples. And take note, no one else should be invited. While all the other days can be spent with other people and for some of your activities, it is important that you allot quality time for each other. You are just starting your relationship and having quality time is a good way to build a strong foundation.

2. Avoid suffocating each other

Being together is great and like the above-mentioned, you need to have time for each other. However, you need to be careful not to overdo it. You need to respect each other’s space and allow them to have their time alone. Give them a chance to spend their time the way they want to, as long as they don’t take you for granted. While it is natural for new couples to be quite inseparable, make a conscious effort to allow each other of your own personal space.

3. Avoid talking a lot about the future just yet

Even if you are so sure that your boyfriend or girlfriend is already the person that you want to get married with, you may want to avoid topics about marriage or family or kids at this point. This is especially true when you still have a lot of dreams and ambitions you want to pursue. This might just make your partner feel pressured and they may just want to enjoy the things the way they are right now, and so you need to respect that.

4. Do not forget about yourself

When you are in a new relationship, it is easy to feel head over heels in love with your partner that you may be forgetting about yourself already. Everything you do is all about pleasing your significant other. While you want to make sure that they are happy, you should not be forgetting about yourself, too. Don’t take the relationships you have with your friends and family for granted just because you are in a new relationship.

5. Be honest

Trust is one of the most important foundations of a relationship, and in order to establish trust, you need to start with honesty. Learning how to trust each other is very crucial in the first stages of the relationship so practice being honest and open about everything with your partner. Whether you need to share something good or bad, whether it is going to make them happy or make them angry, if you think that they need and deserve to know, then you should let them know. It will cause you bigger trouble if you hide things especially in the beginning of the relationship.

6. Make your relationship meaningful and deepen your connection

As your relationship grows, its newness will wear off and you will notice that things may change and the romance may not be the same anymore. However, it does not mean that you have to be alarmed or worried. You can still make ways to deepen your connection with your partner even if you don’t feel the same excitement you used to feel. You can still find ways to stay intimate and to keep the spark and romance alive in your relationship. Do the things that make you happy as a couple and explore new exciting ways to strengthen your bond.

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