Fresh Ideas for the First Date with an Eastern European Woman

Eastern European women

The first date is always an exciting experience that makes you a little nervous. Don’t worry, this is a good thing! Now I’d like to share a few new ideas for a first date with an Eastern European woman 

… and they’re not what you think!

  • Create an external focus on the first date

In order to make the first date less intense and more enjoyable, you would be well-advised to create an external focus, e.g., you can go to a gallery or a museum together so that you can focus on something external instead of talking about just yourselves. This would help you communicate in a natural and organic way.

  • Make it short and sweet

In fact, it’s best if your first date is only 30 minutes – 1 hour. That’s why I don’t recommend a dinner date! Just end the first date when both of you feel great, and then you will surely want to have a second date.

  • Why Experiences Build a True Emotional Connection

There are three pillars in a relationship: emotional connection, intimacy and mutual benefits. 

The first and most important pillar is an emotional connection. But how can we build and maintain a genuine emotional connection so that a relationship will be sustainable in the long term?

Well, the experiences that you have shared with an Eastern European woman are the foundation of emotional connection. 

The next two pillars of a relationship are intimacy and mutual benefits. These two pillars are an arrangement and depend on physical needs and a logical brain. But remember that the emotional part of the brain too must be switched on in order to feel true love. 

This is why an emotional connection is paramount in a long-term relationship. Statistics show that shared experiences between two people are the building blocks of an emotional connection because it is through these experiences that we truly understand each other in a comprehensive way.

Eastern European women
  • Which experiences build emotional connections fast? 

According to a major study in Australia, experiences that involve emotional investment build emotional connections quickly. 

For instance, if a man and a woman go out to see a horror movie together, chances are she will need his “protection” because the movie is scary. And that’s exactly when he would hold her hand. 

Let’s consider another example — when a man and a woman go to climb a mountain together, perhaps she will need him to hold her hand at times (think when Jack officially meets Rose on the Titanic – she needs him to hold her hand as she was climbing back to the ship at night). This is sure to make a guy feel like a real man and make this girl feel like a feminine woman.

  • How to benefit from experiences in the long run: 

Make sure you take some photos when you go out with your partner. 

For example, if you and your Eastern European woman visit Paris together, you should definitely take lots of photos in Paris and then select several extremely good photos, and have them framed. Now whenever you see those beautiful photos on the wall at home, you can savor those unforgettable memories for the rest of your life, as they are your emotional buttons from now on. This will make the emotional connection better, stronger and sweeter. Follow our dos and don’ts for some extra reading and you’re all set for the first date!

This blog post shares with you great ideas for the first date with an Eastern European woman and how to create more wholesome and interesting experiences with her. We have other blog posts with insightful and practical dating advice that you are sure to find useful while finding your other half in your international dating journey.

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