Online dating & offline dating advice: Ideal situations & places for meeting women

June 29, 2022 at 6.49am by in Dating advice
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In order to meet women, you must put yourself out there in the first place! 😉 Being out and about gives you the chance of meeting good women. It turns out that there are many women who want to meet you as well! 😊

  • Meet women via online dating websites.

The amazing world of modern technology has given you the incredible power to meet women at the touch of a button. It is clear that online dating sites are a quick way to meet women nowadays.

As a matter of fact, online dating websites are a wonderful place to start a romance that could lead to a serious, long-term relationship. Dating sites have other benefits, too – you can do lots of prep work before a date; it’s relatively easy to figure out whether you and the woman you chat with can hit it off or not; sufficient groundwork in advance surely minimizes the risk of awkward silences on the very first date with a woman.

  • Meet ladies through your friends.

If you have some trustworthy friends, asking them to set you up can be a highly effective way to meet a high-quality woman that you deserve. Your close friends already know you very well; therefore, they obviously have a good idea about which woman you would be compatible with in reality. By the way, meeting ladies through your friends gives you an ice breaker as well because you have the mutual friend in common – you may ask this date about how she knows the person that set you up and the conversation will continue naturally.

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to go on a romantic date which is set up by a friend. You might meet ladies in a casual setting, e.g., going to a friend’s house party. You may meet your next partner there!

As I see it, meeting someone in a relaxed setting is better, as it relieves the pressure entirely – you are there to have a good time, so you can easily meet someone who could share some fun time with you.

  • Meet ladies at the local gym.

A gym gives you great icebreakers: You can ask a woman where to find a particular type of equipment or where the bathroom is. Don’t start a conversation by saying how fit a woman looks because that sounds slightly creepy. As a gentleman, you have to be very gentle in this situation. Don’t start a conversation when she is busy doing her workout; you can approach her near the lockers later on.

  • Meet ladies on public transport, at the petrol station or the grocery store.

You can start a conversation with a woman by commenting on the environment you are both in, e.g., “It’s so cold, isn’t it?”

In fact, many women like being approached by men because this is a kind of validation. But please note that there are also some signs that women don’t really want to be approached by men – if a woman is jogging with earphones in, probably you shouldn’t start a conversation with her.

Another awkward question that you have to avoid is “Do you have a boyfriend?” or “Are you married?” – You are not supposed to ask this question too early. If you ask this question too early, she might say “Yes” so that you will stop talking to her. Usually, you will find out whether she has a partner or not by assessing how she responds to what you say. For instance, if the interaction goes really well, you can say, “Let’s go to XYZ coffee house over there now. I’d love to know more about you.” If she likes you, she will have an instant date with you then and there. If she already has a partner (or she doesn’t like you), she won’t go on an instant date with you.

“In conclusion, online dating is still the best way to meet women in today’s day and age.”

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