The truth about wealth in online dating and relationships

May 27, 2022 at 10.15am by in Dating advice
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In a romantic relationship, there are three components: A) emotional connection; B) intimacy; C) mutual benefits. Usually, mutual benefits = money, and that’s perfectly fine. We know some men who set up wildly successful businesses with their wives and they don’t want to get divorced just because they have tremendous mutual benefits (profitable businesses that generate true wealth). Quite frankly, if your romantic relationship has one component in it, it can still work. If your relationship has two components in it, it’s a good relationship. If your relationship has all three components, you should be featured on Oprah. To be honest, money is a paramount and inevitable topic in dating & relationships, although it looks like a taboo topic in our culture. Let’s explore this taboo together in this blog post! Here is the raw truth: If you have more money, you need less attractive behavior; however, if you have less money, you need more attractive behavior. 

  • Investing in your love life now is probably the best investment.

Whenever we see a young guy in his early 20s trying to save 50 cents while buying a T-shirt, we feel sorry for him, as he is making a huge mistake. Here is why:

If a 22-year-old man is worried about how to save 50 cents when he is buying a T-shirt, maybe he will still think of how to save 50 cents while buying a T-shirt when he is 32, 42, …. Very sad! Truthfully, you don’t really need to focus on saving money when you are in your early 20s as saving money is supposed to be a focus a bit later in life.

You must invest in yourself when you are 22 years old. (Yes, we said “must”, not “should”). In actuality, so long as you have a realistic financial plan that you can stick to, you must invest in yourself when you are still young. In this way, you will get the benefits in the long term (you won’t need to worry about how to save 50 cents when you buy the cheapest T-shirt in Kmart when you are 32 years old; you will become a more competent guy who is able to naturally attract ladies; you will accomplish a lot in life). 

To be more specific, investing in dating services now is the best shortcut to success in love as the online dating service can send eligible candidates to you automatically, which is a bit like making passive income.

In addition, investing in dating advice today will save you lots of time and energy in the long run as you probably can’t see your mistakes and blind spots until a dating consultant directly points things out.

Apparently, switched-on guys like you know these resources in this day and age, so switched-on guys will only become more intelligent and more successful.

online dating
  • Spend money on a woman as a reward.

If you take a woman out for a dinner date (and you pay for the dinner) before she proves herself to you, she might feel like she owes you something. Remember: women don’t want to be bought. 

Yet you can buy her a very fancy dinner after she has done something great for you, e.g., if she responds to your online dating messages very well, you should totally buy her a fancy dinner. This is also known as “positive reinforcement”, i.e., the reward makes her want to do great things for you again in the future. You’ll get Return on Investment (ROI) if you know how to spend money on your lady in the right ways.

“Are you a real gentleman who believes in chivalry?”

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