Pursuing an international relationship: How to meet & date women if you want children

June 3, 2022 at 7.28am by in Dating advice
international relationship

Most people assume that women want kids more than men do, but in reality, most men want kids, too! In modern-day society, a lot of men actually want kids more than women do. If you know that you definitely, positively want children, you’ll need to bring it up during your dating process because you certainly don’t want to waste your precious time. Meanwhile, you don’t want to scare anyone off by being too direct or too explicit about it too quickly. Do you know how to have this paramount conversation about having children while pursuing an international relationship?

  • The raw realism:

We have to be realistic here: If you truly want kids, you are probably not going to date a woman who is over 50 years old. Ideally, you want to date someone who is under 40 years of age. I know this doesn’t sound fair, yet it’s the reality – women should feel more time pressure due to their biology. 

  • Communication is key.

If you decide to meet your date online, you can state that you want children on your dating profile. This is an effective way to communicate what’s important to you! 

When you are on a date with a lady, please focus on talking about what traits you like in a woman. You may say that you tend to be attracted to women who are family-orientated. 

international relationship
  • Before you get to the kids thing, you must focus on how she is actually interacting with you.

Do you have an authentic connection?

Is she treating you in the way that you want to be treated?

Never mention the kids thing before establishing your connection with her as people. Only mention the kids thing after you know that you get along well with her and you feel very comfortable with her.

Own the fact that you do want kids if the conversation about children comes up. To a woman who is totally aligned with you in terms of values, this is an attractive trait. When you say, “I like children, and I’d love to have a family in the future”, you aren’t saying, “I’d love to have a family in the future with you.” That means you are talking about values which are all-important to you as an individual.

By the way, scaring somebody off isn’t necessarily a bad outcome because you must go through your dating life while filtering women in order to figure out which woman is compatible with you. Your honesty is an organic filter in this process because honesty helps you find the person who is most aligned with your value system quickly.

Usually, you are not supposed to turn up on the very 1st date and ask a woman whether she sees herself becoming a mom next year. Try to keep it focused on your value system and your goals in life. Also, focus on how a woman is showing up for you as a romantic partner.

In conclusion, whether she is with you on this or not, it’s simply a filter which is also a part of the dating journey to finding the right lady who is able to take on this significant and incredible role in your future plan.

  • If you don’t want children or if you already have children and you don’t want more children….

For those who don’t want kids or those who already have kids (and don’t want more kids), dating is actually a bit easier because you have more freedom – you don’t have to date women who definitely want kids (and are under a certain age). You have the freedom to date whoever you like. Congratulations! 

But please be sure to find out whether the lady you are dating wants kids or not so that you will know whether you are the right candidate for each other in an international relationship.

“You can be candid in an international relationship because women from Eastern Europe are very honest!”

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