Quality time during lockdown (international relationship advice)

February 3, 2021 at 3.30pm by in International Dating
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During quarantine, many people are anxious and/or depressed because their routine has been changed in a dramatic way. In this article, I’d like to discuss how to spend quality time during the current lockdown which is still happening in some cities and countries. No matter you are single and looking for an international relationship or happily married, you will benefit from the ideas below.

  • If you’re single and looking for an Eastern European girlfriend

Single men should totally listen to Dr Peter McGraw’s new podcast Solo: A Single Person’s Guide to a Remarkable Life in which Dr Peter McGraw and his guests talk about how to live a remarkable life as a single individual. This philosophy applies to people who are single for now and those who are single forever. Many of his listeners are people who were married in the past and are divorced now.

Due to the high divorce rate in western countries, many divorced individuals decide to stay single forever (they don’t believe in marriage anymore), but lots of divorced people still believe in love and they are looking to remarry. Whether you’d like to remarry or not, you would be well-advised to live an amazing life when you are still single because finding a partner isn’t about finding someone who makes your life compete. In fact, finding a partner is about sharing your amazing life with someone else.

There are many ways to spend quality time as a single person:

  1. You can listen to podcasts and/or audiobooks. I have a friend who works for a PR agency near the CBD (he lives in the city center). Every morning he wakes up at 7am and leaves his apartment at 7:30am. Instead of driving a car or catching the bus, he walks to his workplace. It takes him about 30 minutes to walk to the office. On his way to the office, he listens to a podcast or an audiobook. At 5pm when he finishes his work, he walks back home while listening to another podcast or an audiobook. In this way, he doesn’t need to go to the gym because he walks for at least one hour every day. Meanwhile, he fills his brain with wonderful information every single day! Sometimes everyone works from home because of COVID-19, so he would listen to a podcast or an audiobook before he falls asleep at night. He also dances to the music every morning in his living room!
  2. You can fully enjoy your hobby. The most valuable asset that a single person has is time. Remember: Usually, people who are in relationships spend most of their time with the partner or children, so they don’t really have enough time for themselves. But as a single person, you can have a lot of ‘me time’ which is very important for your health and wellbeing. You should totally savor your hobby because when you are enjoying your hobby, you are spending quality time with yourself! 😊
  • If you are in an international relationship….

Many men have found their partners via UkraineBridesAgency.com, so they are in international relationships right now. During the lockdown, some couples may find it difficult when it comes to how to spend quality time these days. Fortunately, I have some great ideas for you:

  1. Binge watch a TV show together. It turns out that watching a TV show with your Eastern European lady can strengthen the emotional connection because now you have many interesting things to talk about. For example, Timothy and his Ukrainian wife binge-watched Mad Men together. They were exploring human nature and realism in a very profound way, thereby helping them understand each other even better!
  2. Create a home spa. Since most spa centers are closed during the lockdown, you may create your own home spa. For instance, you can give or receive a massage. You can learn how to do a facial at home. You can even introduce aromatherapy to your household because nowadays you are able to buy high-quality candles from the supermarket without going to a high-end shopping mall. I’m sure your home spa will make you and your Eastern European wife love each other even more because that facilitates effective communication.
  3. Start an online business together. Please make sure that it’s something that excites both of you. In order to make a business work, you and your lady must be genuinely interested in the project. If you focus on making money from your side hustle, the entire project will become draining sooner or later. That’s why you need to know it’s actually your passion. Once you and your lady have a business together, you will have mutual benefits in this relationship, so your relationship will become even more sustainable in the long run.

“Which idea above is your favorite? Please write a comment below and let us know. Don’t forget to smell the roses during the quarantine!”

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