7 Ways to Make Him Ask You Out for a Second Date

November 13, 2017 at 12.23pm by in Dating advice
Second Date

When you are out on a first date with a guy, and everything seems perfect during that night, the next thing you could wish for is to have a second date with this person. It is not every day that you get to meet and date your prince charming, so you want to grab this opportunity and make sure that you are not letting this chance go to get to know him better and see where the relationship is heading to. However, some women are caught in the dilemma of waiting for a long time because their date does not call them back and they have no idea what went wrong.

So how do you make sure that he asks you out for a second date? Here are some helpful points you might want to consider.

1. Do not be the one to ask for the second date

Being the one to proactively ask a guy for a second date is a no-no. Why? It’s because it will make them think and feel that they can just take you for granted because you are easy. Even if a guy likes a girl, it still makes a difference when they feel challenged and when they feel that they have to do the chasing. They lose all the excitement when you make everything so easy for them.

2. Wait for him to call you

If he did not ask you or if he did not arrange for a second date when you were together, you still have wait and wait for him to do the invitation. Meanwhile, what you can do is to show him you have a life that keeps you busy. If you are friends on the social media, then you can post pictures that show you are having fun, with or without him. Guys who are interested with you will want to be part of your life so just sit back, relax and wait for him to ask you for a second date.

3. Show your interest in him

Showing your interest does not mean that you should make him feel like you are falling head over heels in love the moment you met him. However, you should show that you are interested enough to listen intently about the things he share and make him feel significant. When you show a guy are paying attention, you are giving them a hint that they’ve got a keeper and that they should not be letting you go. Also, when you actively listen, it will be easier for you to have a free-flowing conversation with less tension and silence.

4. Give him a hint that you are a busy person

Even if your schedules everyday are not really that full, pretend that they are. This will make him feel that he is actually lucky that you had your date squeezed in between your tight schedule. He will also be dying to have another date with you when he knows that you might not be able to say yes again.

5. Be creative

The moment he invites you for a second date, you can immediately show him your creativity by suggesting what you want to do on this date. If he sees that you are full of life and fun, the more impressed he will be and he will be too excited for that second date. You don’t have to do extreme activities to make it an extraordinary date, but you can be creative to go out of the usual fancy dinner. You can probably go camping while you grill your own food, or you can choose a different place to eat, somewhere with a beautiful and relaxing view.

6. Avoid the drama

Nobody wants a fight on a first date so even if you have different opinions on various issues and matters, you are not supposed to be debating. Be a lady and do not instigate a fight. Instead, stay polite and courteous because no one will be interested to date a drama queen.

7. Be yourself and be honest

While there are certain things you may not be ready to share on a first date, it does not mean that you have to lie. You should not be lying to your date about yourself and pretend to be someone you are not. You need to be comfortable and confident for who you are because that will make you even more attractive. Remember, confidence is sexy.

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