Senior dating advice: how to find satisfaction if you are a senior dater over 50

July 28, 2020 at 12.18am by in Dating advice
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Senior dating is commonplace these days as the divorce rate is pretty high – a lot of mature daters in their 50s and 60s have joined the dating scene again. Further, online dating has revolutionized the dating department nowadays. One decade ago, Internet dating was a taboo topic, yet today it’s become very, very mainstream.

Internet dating is the primary way for senior singles to find love in modern-day society.

Research shows that almost 50% of couples who started their romantic relationships in 2020 met each other on the Internet. Since most individuals look at their smartphones and laptops more frequently than anything else, international dating sites have got many senior singles’ attention as well. So, a lot of senior daters in their 50s and 60s are looking for love online right now.

If you would like to get married in your golden years, you should probably sign a pre-nup with your Ukrainian bride. I assume that you have built your wealth in your golden years. Now if you plan to get married, you might need to think of how to better protect your wealth. This is an intelligent move which will benefit everybody – you know your finances are well protected no matter what happens, so you can be more relaxed and will be able to fully enjoy your new relationship. Your new bride knows everything very clearly early, so she can also have less anxiety in the long term. In addition, if you have adult children, perhaps they should know that your new bride isn’t here for your money; as a result, your adult children will be more supportive of your new relationship. That’s why signing a pre-nup is necessary if you have a lot of wealth.

In your golden years, you are able to better enjoy life and smell the roses. When you were in your 20s and 30s, perhaps you were worried about getting married and having children. Yet now that’s probably not your goal; therefore, you are totally free and can do whatever you want to do! Isn’t senior dating liberating?!

How to be an amazing conversationalist on a first date:

Our recent research shows that the No. 1 frequently asked question that men have is “How can I keep the conversation going on a first date?” Since the answer to this question is not rocket science, I am going to share the answer with you right now.

In the first place, you should be an avid reader if you want to become an engaging conversationalist. Remember: leaders are readers. If you are keen to be a leader in love and in life, you have to be an avid reader, for you need to fill your brain with high-quality information every day, thereby becoming a high-value guy that Ukrainian ladies admire.

If you read a book each month, you will surely have lots of interesting things to talk about on a first date!

Another strategy is to watch more comedy shows. When you are able to make a lady laugh, she will start to flirt with you in a natural way. She may play with her hair and maintain eye contact with you as when a lady is laughing at your jokes, she wants to connect with you at an emotional level. That is to say, you are supposed to trigger good emotions and feelings in the lady’s brain so she will want to spend more time with you.

Maybe you can watch a comedy show each week. You will certainly learn some highly effective jokes and humor. This new skill can help you keep the conversation going on the first date!

The third strategy is to become a dopamine dealer. As I see it, a dopamine dealer is an individual who constantly gives others good feelings and emotions. Please note that this is beyond telling interesting jokes, okay? Being a dopamine dealer is a high-level technique. For example, rather than asking a lady, “What do you do for a living?”, you’d better say this to a Ukrainian lady, “You are very artistic, so I guess you must be a musician.” Now she will start to associate you with true attention and real validation, as you carefully observed her and you actually want to know her as a person. She will want to keep the conversation going on the date, for she is keen to talk about herself. In other words, she will work hard and you won’t need to worry too much about how to never run out of things to say on a date.

In order to make a Ukrainian lady smile, you should smile at her first. In NLP, this concept is also known as ‘mirroring’ – when you show somebody a certain behavior in a social context, this individual is more likely to show you a very similar behavior.

Clearly, you could use this concept on a date. When you see your lady, you need to smile at her first so she will have to smile at you, too.

Also, remember to pay your lady compliments in the right ways. As a high-value woman, she certainly has received lots of compliments from guys previously. Please note that most guys would only praise her attractiveness, and she knows she is an attractive lady based on how men interact with her. Therefore, you would be well-advised to praise her intelligence rather than her beauty!

You may say this to your lady, “Sure. A smart lady like you knows that.” This compliment is 10 times better than “Oh, you are so intelligent”, as a highly effective compliment is always subtle. 😉

By the way, it is your responsibility to make the date creative and interesting. Let’s say you take your lady to the beach at night and you two are listening to the soothing waves of the ocean. Now you can say this to your Ukrainian lady, “Just look at the beautiful stars in the midnight sky. Which shining star do you like? I will go there and get it for you!”

Now your lady will need some time to think about what to say.

Then you take out a little jewelry box and open the box slowly. Inside the beautiful box, there is a piece of jewelry which looks like a shining star! This is a gift for your Ukrainian lady.

Please enjoy her amazing reaction and her gorgeous smile. 😊

A date like this is certainly very, very memorable. It will become something that your lady wants to keep talking about even in her 80s or 90s!

Senior dating is supposed to be more relaxing.

This is especially true if having children isn’t on your to-do list anymore. So, it’s time to join an international dating site like Ukraine Brides Agency and start dating again. Note that on our website, we offer online video chat as well as automatic translation. Furthermore, Ukrainian ladies in our database are actively learning English so that they can better communicate with you!

“Senior dating is a rewarding experience.”

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