Slavic dating advice: Self-improvement resources that will help you become more attractive

February 11, 2021 at 1.40pm by in Slavic Women
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After working in the personal development and Slavic dating industries for decades, I’ve discovered some very powerful self-improvement resources that men can use. I’m going to recommend a list of resources below.

Books that will transform your life:

As an avid reader, I read a book per week. Here is a list of useful books that every ambitious man should read:

  1. How to talk to anyone (by Leil Lowndes): This book includes 92 tricks for sustainable success in relationships. No matter you are looking to find an international relationship or meet more friends, this book will change the way you communicate forever. I’m also very impressed with Leil Lowndes’s humor. In my opinion, her writing style is the best, hands down.
  2. How to talk to anyone at work (by Leil Lowndes): This is Leil Lowndes’s new book which teaches people how to be a fascinating communicator in the office. If you look forward to working in the PR industry or simply would like to be more effective in your daily communication, this book should be very helpful.
  3. Mastery (by Robert Greene): Anyone who is interested in developing new skills should totally read this book. Robert Greene is the biggest realist in the world. He is honest and insightful.
  4. Zero to one (by Peter Thiel): If you want to run your own business one day, this is an ideal book which shows you exactly how to validate your business idea and make it happen!
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Podcasts that I highly recommend:Podcasts that I highly recommend:

Personally, listening to podcasts is my favorite daily habit. I listen to a podcast before I fall asleep at night; I listen to a podcast when I’m having breakfast / lunch / dinner – This is seriously the best activity during quarantine!

  1. Hello Seven (by Rachel Rodgers): Rachel Rodgers’s Hello Seven podcast is about helping people become millionaires. More specifically, she teaches individuals how to start a business and make it a seven-figure business. Even though her target audience are women, a lot of men have benefited from her information as well.
  2. The Model Health Show (by Shawn Stevenson): Due to COVID-19, health has become everyone’s top priority nowadays, and this podcast offers a wealth of knowledge about how to improve your health and fitness. If you are doing your workout at home every day due to the lockdown, you shouldn’t miss out on this podcast!
  3. The Natural Lifestyles (by James Marshall): This podcast teaches you how to be a masculine, attractive and strong man. Remember: Most Slavic ladies are attracted to alpha men, so if you are looking for a Slavic girlfriend, you would be well-advised to listen to this podcast. By the way, James Marshall has dated Eastern European women before; therefore, his advice is solid and useful.
  4. The Portfolio Life (by Jeff Goins): In the past, a person would do one job for 45 years and then retire. But in this day and age, that’s almost impossible because even companies’ average life span is getting shorter now. In the recent 10 years, I worked for a company which lasted for 3 years due to a new legislation and another company which lasted for 7 years because of COVID. Luckily, I have a portfolio life, so I don’t really rely on any of those organizations. By that I mean I am also a freelancer; hence, I have many other options on the Internet. According to Jeff Goins, a portfolio life is having a collection of skills and combining different skills in interesting ways instead of having one job only.

Online programs that I like:

E-learning is mainstream in today’s day and age, especially during COVID-19. As a result, please allow me to recommend several high-quality online programs here.

  1. Rekindling Desire (by Esther Perel): This is a short course which teaches you how to maintain a long-term relationship well. Esther Perel is a famous relationship expert and psychotherapist. I think you’d better learn this course before you start a relationship because it’s better to know how to nurture a relationship when you are still looking for an international relationship. Sadly, most people would only begin to look for help and personal development when their lives are already falling apart – that could be too late.
  2. Foundations of Wellbeing (Rick Hanson): This is a very long course which could potentially last for one year if you are a member. However, it’s not very expensive, so you can afford it. The benefits of this course include: curing anxiety and depression, growing positive elements in your brain and interacting with other people who are also interested in mental health.

“During the lockdown, you have more time, so why not learn something and make yourself a better man that Slavic women admire?”

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