Stereotypes about Ukrainian ladies. Are they true?

October 24, 2019 at 10.47am by in Slavic Women
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Nowadays various stereotypes appear more often and may influence someone’s mind easily. We will find out if the stereotypes about Ukrainian ladies are true.



Hence, let’s start with the most famous one which is that Ukrainian ladies are the most beautiful. And that’s true. Our ladies pay great attention to their appearance. Wherever they go, whatever the weather is, they always look fantastic. It doesn’t mean that ladies can’t live without make-up. It means they look tidy and stylish in any situation whether they are shopping at the supermarket, visiting the cinema or get ready for a date.

That’s why it’s impossible not to fall in love with them.

Excellent housewives

Yes, they are really great at doing household duties. The house will always be clean and have a marvelous scent of tasty dishes. Such things as ironing, washing, cleaning, and cooking are just usual things to do.

However, our ladies are modern and likewise, want to realize themselves. Most noteworthy, they can combine household duties with upbringing their children and career. Hence, you should not think they will just stay at home because they can do much more than you think.

Furthermore, one more true is that Ukrainian ladies value family. Most of the Ukrainian ladies are family-oriented. They know the secret of making coziness at home. It’s love. Even more, if your lady will go for work 5 days a week, you won’t feel a lack of love or communication as she will find time to share her emotions, happiness, and support with you.

Our ladies are wise. Hence, they know how to get good results by making many things simultaneously.


More relevant, our ladies are not only wise but also smart and well-educated. Most of the Ukrainian women have a degree in the field of science they studied. Certainly, this makes them professionals at their job. But they never stop learning something new. They have lots of activities such as going in for sports, singing, reading, being outside, traveling, etc.

Most noteworthy, you’ll never be bored and maybe will find something in common to have a great time together.

Hence, taking to the point all information said before we can make a conclusion that Ukrainian ladies are hard-working. They never stop developing themselves as there are no limits on the way to perfection.

But there is still one more stereotype left.

Some people think that if Ukrainian ladies are looking for a soulmate abroad, they are desperate in love and fully disappointed in Ukrainian men. It’s the only one stereotype that is false. Our Ukrainian brides know how to create happiness without depending on men. Consequently, the only reason why some of them are still lonely is that they just haven’t met the one to live the whole life together. Certainly, ladies are opened to new experiences and meetings.

Hence, they try not to restrict their search to one country. Even more, it doesn’t matter how far they live, they will inevitably meet each other. And we hope you’ll meet your Ukrainian bride on our site.

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  • DW

    A point on Education: The standard of Education in Ukraine does NOT compare to the standards set in other parts of the developed world (e.g. USA, UK, Australia)

    It is extremely common for someone to bribe their way into obtaining degree qualifications, and the course content in most subjects are not on par with international standards. Course credits obtained in Ukraine are not transferrable to universities in other parts of the world.

    Secondly, there is a huge disparity between someone who calls themselves an ‘Accountant’, ‘Engineer’, ‘Banker’ and what they do in real life. Do not expect them to hold chartered accountant/engineer status, or even know the rudiments of financial/capital markets or economic theory.

    Having said this, most Ukrainians are fit for the job environment they find themselves in – but do not conflate this with the standards/expectations set in developed countries.

    • Keith

      Hi Dinuk
      Thank you for your pertinent comments.
      You are correct and this applies to degrees and qualifications in many countries. I have personally been driven in taxi’s by qualified doctors who’s degree is not valid in their new country. Often these doctors are completing qualifications in their new country to continue their doctoring work.
      You are also correct that sometimes the occupation description from a Ukrainian does not reflect the same description in a western country – such as engineer.
      We appreciate you taking the time to comment – and your advice is valid


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