Why eastern European women are the best girlfriends

October 24, 2019 at 9.27am by in Slavic Women

Eastern European ladies are well-known for their beauty, femininity, and elegance. It is said that these women are ideal girlfriends. According to American author Roosh V, women from Eastern Europe are the best girlfriends. Have you wondered why this is a fact?

Eastern European women don’t waste money.

Adam is an Australian guy who is dating an Eastern European lady. Last year I interviewed his girlfriend, an intelligent woman with a wealth of wisdom.

ME: Today is Boxing Day and you are happy to do this interview. Could you tell me why not going shopping on Boxing Day is probably a wise decision?

HER: Today is Boxing Day in Australia and the shopping malls are full of shoppers. But I never go shopping on Boxing Day & here are my reasons:

1. Boxing Day’s sales make people buy things they don’t really need.

Being able to tell the difference between things you want and things you need is very important for your financial success.

If you are interested in becoming financially successful, this is a very helpful question to ask –

Before you buy something, ask yourself, “Do I want this? Or do I need it?” If you need it, you should buy it. But if you want it, just don’t buy it.

On Boxing Day, everyone is busy looking at discounts rather than whether these are necessities or not. Therefore, people are more likely to buy things they don’t even need on Boxing Day.

2. Shopping on Boxing Day is very time-consuming, which means you’ll lose time in the process. And time is your most precious asset.

Many people are very careful when it comes to spending their money, but in terms of spending their time, they spend it like billionaires!

Because the queue is too long on Boxing Day, you’ll have to waste a lot of your time while shopping on this day – Some shoppers were waiting in the queue before 5am this morning! And the shops weren’t open until 9am or even 11am!

If I get a bargain on Boxing Day, it may save me $50 or even $100. However, I will never waste hours for that bargain because that amount of time brings me more money than what the bargain saves me.

I hope this makes sense and can help retail workers get some more rest during the Christmas holidays in the future.

I really admire this beautiful Eastern European lady’s insight into money and time. Hence, when Adam told me that his girlfriend is a successful businesswoman in Australia now, I wasn’t surprised at all.

Ladies from Eastern Europe look very youthful.

Joe is a New Zealand guy who is engaged to an Eastern European fiancée. She is 39 years old, but she looks like a lady in her late 20s, so I have to interview her!

ME: What’s the fountain of youth?

HER: Actually, inner health is the prerequisite of outer beauty. That is to say, outer beauty reflects inner health. In my opinion, a woman who understands radical self-love should treat her body with the respect it deserves by warding off toxins externally and internally.

ME: Do you eat or drink anything special?

HER: Every day, I eat cinnamon. It’s a spice that is high in antioxidants. Modern science has proved that cinnamon can turn on longevity-related genes because it activates neuroprotective proteins and can reduce the negative effects of oxidative damage. Apart from that, I drink whole citrus bergamot earl grey tea every morning. Even more, this wonderful tea removes toxins from my cells and keeps my heart very healthy, thereby improving insulin sensitivity to lower blood sugar and decreasing total cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Likewise, I drink green tea in the afternoon, as green tea can increase metabolism and reduce anxiety. And when I’m cooking, I only use coconut oil – it is nature’s richest source of healthy medium-chain fatty acids, so it’s the perfect ingredient.

ME: Do you have any beauty rituals?

HER: Yes, I do. I have a facial and a massage every two weeks. This is more than just a luxurious form of pampering because it’s been shown to help reduce anxiety, pains, and aches (it can relieve sore muscles). Hence, my favorite massage types are Swedish massage and deep-tissue massage. Furthermore, I only use skin-care products from Estee Lauder and makeup from NARS.

Eastern European women have realistic expectations.

Unlike western women who think they deserve the best at all times, Eastern European ladies tend to have more realistic expectations, so it’s hard to let them down!

Ted’s partner is an Eastern European lady who has shared her insights into realistic expectations with me.

ME: What’s the difference between western women’s expectations and Eastern European women’s expectations?

HER: A while ago, I watched a YouTube video called ‘A Drink with Louise Roe’ in which fashion blogger Louise Roe talks about why western women have extremely high expectations in every area of their lives. Most noteworthy, I think the mainstream media taught western women to be that way. But in Eastern European culture, women are more practical. Consequently, instead of looking for “the dream guy”, we are happy to date “the real guy”.

ME: Indeed. When we pursue perfection, we always feel that we are not good enough. Yet when we pursue progress, we can feel we are good enough.

HER: Yes. Perfection doesn’t exist, so it’s impossible to reach. Brene Brown once said, “Perfection is a self-destructive and addictive belief system which fuels this primary thought: Certainly, if I look perfect and do everything perfectly, I can avoid or minimize the painful feelings of shame, judgment, and blame.” Most noteworthy, too many western women spend too much time trying to perfect something before they actually take action. Instead of waiting for perfection, I’d rather run with what I’ve got and fix it as I go.

ME: Just like Harriet Braiker famously said, “Striving for excellence motivates you; striving for perfection is demoralizing.” It seems that many Eastern European women are satisficers. Certainly, by that I mean a lot of women from Eastern Europe can accept good enough, don’t obsess over options, move on after deciding and end up being happier with outcomes.

HER: Exactly. Hence, as a perfectionist is an opposite: A perfectionist exhaustively seeks the best options, compare everything against others to an unhealthy extent, spend too much time and energy and end up unhappier with the outcomes.

ME: As I see it, there is a difference between perfectionism and excellence. Excellence is knowing when good enough is good enough. Consequently, why not let it be good enough?

HER: Couldn’t agree more. The pursuit of perfection oftentimes impedes improvement. Certainly, giving up perfection has a lot of benefits. First, there is more time available because trying to be perfect wastes time. Second, Eastern European women are easier to get along with because we are less stressed and less worried about whether we are perfect or not.

“Eastern European ladies are more youthful, frugal and practical.”

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