The real reasons behind difficulties experienced by high-value singles

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Yes, elite singles also experience a range of difficulties in dating and relationships. Don’t forget that a bum doesn’t have anything to lose, but elite singles already have everything except serious relationships. So, the risk in dating is higher when someone is not the average Joe or average Jane.

Elite singles find it harder to meet someone suitable.

Obviously, dating sites have many more candidates & in order to find quality, quantity matters. As a result, many elite singles have joined dating websites as well, but the problem is high-caliber singles on a free dating site are not that common.

Further analysis reveals that high-value women don’t want to be taken advantage of, so they would like to date and marry high-value men who can match them in terms of financial status.

Yet not everyone knows how to meet high-value candidates, so a lot of elite singles have joined 100% free dating sites where wealthy candidates are not common.

In order to meet a high-quality candidate, you need to ask, “Where are the high-value singles?” and you should be there, too.

High-caliber singles spend so much time at work, so they don’t have time to meet someone suitable.

Apart from online dating, you should also try offline dating in order to maximize your chance of meeting someone suitable. But the problem is: a lot of elite singles spend a large amount of time working very hard; consequently, they don’t have time to meet anyone in real life.

One of my friends spends 80 hours working each week. She is constantly working on her projects, checking her emails and looking for new clients. She actually loves her work and is very passionate about what she does. As a successful entrepreneur, she is very, very, very, very busy.

“How many new men do you meet each week?” I was curious.

“To be honest with you, I only meet 0-1 new man each year,” says this client, “I rarely go out because I work so hard.”

The solution that I gave her is:

  1. Make time for social events every week. Schedule these events in her calendar, because if something is not scheduled, it’s not real.
  2. Use her feminine energy to her advantage. Stop dressing like a man and start dressing like a feminine, elegant woman (think red dresses, pink skirts and purple scarves). What she wears not only influences how she is perceived, but also influences how she feels about herself.
  3. Say yes to everything when it comes to social get-togethers and meet as many people as possible, so that she can choose the right candidate.

Many elite singles only meet people in their own social circle or their own industries.

“Don’t hang out with most people who aren’t high achievers,” says a mentor of mine many years ago.

His advice has some value, but you never know who is a high achiever and who isn’t if you don’t even want to meet them in the first place.

I always encourage elite singles to meet people who are not in their social circle by joining the best dating websites because online dating is the ideal way to meet people that you would never meet in real life.

If people around you are already not your ideal candidates, you should totally try online dating now.

Another typical mistake that elite singles make is they only hang out with people in their own industries. For instance, Cynthia is a successful woman with a 7-figure business in the fashion industry. All of her friends are in the fashion industry. And now she is complaining, “I never meet the right guy.”

Further examination shows that most men that Cynthia knows are married or gay. And there aren’t many men in the fashion industry anyway. Hence, I told Cynthia to meet people who are in completely different industries & avoid hanging out with people in her industry for a while, and see what happens.

Within two months, Cynthia is dating a high-value guy Johnathan, a well-known professor from a prestigious university. They met each other on the best online dating website.

Many elite singles’ high standards are counterproductive.

I know several high-value women who have very high standards when it comes to dating and relationships. There is nothing wrong with having high standards. In fact, I think everyone should have high standards as long as their requirements are realistic.

However, I know a high-value woman who has dated and married more than one con artist because her No. 1 standard is: her man must be wealthy.

When this item became No. 1 on her list, she oftentimes ignored other things that she should look for in terms of dating and relationships. Honestly, there aren’t many wealthy men out there, so she was conned by a few con men who pretended to be wealthy in order to boost their own ego.

Let’s call her Emily. In 2009, Emily dated a guy who told her that he is in the real estate industry. They met each other on a dating website. But that guy used her instead because he promised her a good marriage which turned out to be a lie – he was already married with kids.

It took Emily quite a while to recover from that bad experience.

In 2011, Emily dated another guy who appears to be affluent on another absolutely free dating site. Since Emily’s biological clock was ticking, she married him within a few months. But later on, this guy turns out to be another con man who used Emily for money (he didn’t even use her because he wasn’t really attracted to her in the first place). I know this is hard to believe, but it’s a true story. They got a divorce a few years later.

Now Emily says the real reason why she had these terrible experiences is she emphasized the importance of a man’s wealth too much, so she ignored other aspects of a man. Since wealthy men are actually quite rare in reality, she was conned by con artists who only looked rich at that time.

Clearly, someone like Emily would be well-advised to know that kindness should be the No. 1 standard in dating and relationships. Without kindness, nothing is promised. Period. Do you like this article? If you have learned something from it, please share this article with your friends. When you are sharing this article with others, you can say something along the lines of, “What do you think of this article?”

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