The truth behind how to be attractive in Slavic dating

Slavic dating

There is a difference between liking someone and respecting someone. A woman might like you very much, but it doesn’t necessarily mean she respects you. Always choose respect. Don’t settle for someone who doesn’t respect you, no matter how much you like her. Don’t invest in a woman based on how much you like her; invest in a woman based on how much she invests in you. In Slavic dating, what you should do is invest and test, i.e., you invest in a woman first and see whether she reciprocates or not. Then you will know if you should keep investing in her or not.

  • Have you cultivated unfazeable stillness?

What does this phrase even mean? 

Well, unfazeable stillness means you are able to manage your inner voice in difficult situations. Here are some examples:

  1. You get stuck in a traffic jam – now it’s an opportunity to listen to a podcast or meditate.
  2. You are made redundant by your employer – now it’s time to pursue your dream career or start your own business.
  3. You are dumped by a woman – now you have more time for yourself so you can focus on your hobbies and interests.

You cannot choose every situation you find yourself in; however, you can definitely choose your perception of them and your response to them.

If you cannot control something, just accept it and work with it!

Be assertive. There are three types of communication styles: a) the aggressive style; b) the assertive style; c) the submissive style. 

The correct communication style is the assertive style because it helps you to communicate with people cleanly and clearly. 

You must have your own opinion and have the courage to express your own opinion. Having an opinion is sexy as long as it’s not overdone. 

Establish boundaries. There are boundaries in successful dating and healthy relationships. Don’t have your boundaries crossed and your standards violated. Please carefully think about your boundaries and standards in Slavic dating and always honor & stick to them. 

Most men’s standards in dating are about women’s looks (which is understandable), but since you are reading this blog post already, your standards will be higher than that (you will consider a woman’s looks AND who she really is).

Slavic dating
  • The truth behind external confidence:

External confidence means the way you look, the way you walk and the way you present yourself. That includes your grooming and what you wear. The fashion industry is not a superficial industry because wearing nice clothes directly influences how you feel inside. When your grooming and fashion are both great, you feel better internally. You create a better impact by having external confidence. The unpleasant truth is in life, most interpersonal relationships are superficial relationships – is everyone really close to their boss / co-workers / clients / neighbors, etc.? Probably no. That’s why in many situations, the first impression is also the last impression. Ideally, you will need to consult with a fashion stylist who can show you how to present yourself in the best way. You only need to invest in this once and then you can enjoy the benefits for a very long time. Alternatively, you may read GQ magazine and copy those male models’ fashion. You can also find out a celebrity that you really admire and then imitate the way that person talks (including his tone, facial expression and body language). There are existing examples out there, so why not use good examples to your advantage? By the way, this technique is called “stealing and building” which is used by the most successful PR agencies around the world – it is the best kept secret ever – nobody talks about it. Now we are going to share a famous case study in a totally different industry so you will immediately understand what it’s all about:

Colgate is a well-known toothpaste brand. Do you know how Colgate became so popular so quickly? In actuality, Colgate copied Crest’s ads and packaging. Yet Colgate totally got away with it as what they did is stealing and building, i.e., the most useful PR strategy. Stealing and building means when you want to start something new, you simply look at a successful competitor / role model and analyze what has already worked for them so you can easily steal the way they operate and build something new fast.

Honestly, when you are starting a new project, trying to figure out how to be wildly successful is a hard process. But instead of learning how to get it right through trial and error, you would be well-advised to use a successful competitor’s existing strategies which have been proven to be correct. Don’t forget that a successful competitor / role model has already invested a lot of money and time just to find out the right strategies, so you have to check out what they have already done and copy them now.

For instance, a successful movie star who has 10 million female fans already hired a hair stylist, a fashion stylist and a personal coach to teach him how to be the most presentable version of himself. Therefore, you don’t need to spend 3 years trying to figure out how to look attractive; you can directly learn it from this successful movie star! 

“This Slavic dating strategy is especially effective if you look a bit like that movie star OR you strongly admire that movie star!”

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    Excellent article. To be successful hire mentors and coaches who can help you achieve your goals. Anything I need help in I think can get help.


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