Things that Ukrainian Ladies Want You to Know (But Won’t Tell You)

Ukraine brides

A lot of successful guys haven’t figured ladies out, not because they aren’t desirable guys, but because they do not have a good understanding of female psychology. Apparently, it’s hard to understand women sometimes, as women do not necessarily mean what they say all the time. I’m going to share some helpful tips with you so you can read Ukrainian ladies like an open book.

Surprisingly, women’s negative wordscan be a way to ask for your affection.

Sometimes a woman might say something along the lines of, “That’s enough. Should we break up?” Well, it doesn’t necessarily mean she actually wants to break up with her boyfriend. It’s only a way to ask for his attention.

Sadly, male language and female language are too different. So, when a guy hears “break up”, in his subconscious mind, he is getting ready for a real breakup. Yet that’s not his girlfriend actually wants.

I know that’s certainly not the best way to ask for more love, but many women operate like that. The good news is most Ukrainian ladies do not act like that! But if one of them operates in that way, you would identify this pattern immediately. 😉

A woman is only implying a real breakup when her behavior and action show you true signs of a breakup. For instance, she is seeing another guy; she is looking for a new apartment; she is emotionally distant. Otherwise, she is probably just asking for your attention, affection and love& hoping you’ll like her more.

Your love for a lady is measured by your investment in this relationship.

A confident woman from Ukraine won’t invest in you simply based on how much she likes you. In fact, she tends to invest in you based on how much you actually invest in her!

That is to say, your love / affection is measured by how much you invest in this romantic relationship. Investing in this relationship may include taking her out for dinner dates, spending more time with her, giving her presents, taking her overseas for a holiday, and so on.

Remember: saying nice things to your lady is only a sign of investment which isn’t necessarily a legit investment. Most switched-on ladies from Ukraine know the difference between signs of investment and real investment. 😊 Trust me. If you treat your lady right, she will treat you really well! That’s Law of Reciprocity.

Liking her isn’t enough; a real woman wants you to respect her as well.

Liking someone is different from respecting someone, okay? You may like somebody a lot, yet you don’t necessarily respect that person in every way. This is not uncommon.

An intelligent Ukrainian woman wouldn’t tolerate bad behavior because she clearly has options and lives in abundance. So, if you’d like to keep your girlfriend, you should respect her at all times.

An elegant lady expects you to teach her things and give her good experiences.

Because women are less competitive, they like to learn from other people in a modest way. Indeed, most women aren’t afraid of admitting that they do not know everything. By contrast, most men are dominated by their ego and tend to compete with each other.

If you teach your Ukrainian girlfriend things, your value becomes higher in her opinion. For example, perhaps you understand psychology well, you may teach her something in this regard. Or perhaps you know wealth creation well, definitely teach her a thing or two! Your lady will appreciate your contribution, wisdom and knowledge.

Besides, you can give her positive experiences in life as well. For instance, you can take her to Hawaii for a holiday and create some unforgettable memories together! That is an effective way to build a genuine emotional connection with a lady.

A feminine woman wants a man with vision.

Visionless guys are so boring. In modern-day society, there are many guys working on their fashion and grooming, but they still can’t attract the right women. Truthfully, their real issue is not lack of physical attractiveness. Their real problem is lack of vision.

If you look very handsome, you will attract some women. Yet if you would like to date a high-value woman, looking handsome is far from enough. You have to have breadth of vision as high-value ladies prefer strongmen with vision.

Your blueprint provides your Ukrainian lady with confidence in this relationship, hope for the future and empowerment in the dynamics. This definitely keeps her attracted to you in the long term.

Most Ukrainian brides prefer men with a very stable personality.

When you observe guys who are married to high-value ladies, you may realize that these guys have a very stable personality, meaning they do not freak out. Indeed, these men do not have lots of highs and lows emotionally as they remain calm all the time.

As a lady witnesses your tremendous highs, she may figure out that you can also have serious lows, too. Basically, a stable personality leads to a peaceful and sustainable relationship that is drama-free!

Ladies from Ukraine expect their men to spend quality time with them and be fully present.

Some guys say they have given their wives lots of time. However, their wives are still upset. But when you look at how these men actually spend time with their wives, you will know why their wives are unhappy: the man arrives home and turns on TV or looks at his phone. Although only this guy and his wife are at home throughout the evening, they don’t even have any real communication. You don’t want to be that guy!

A high-value woman’s attractiveness is derived from her personality.

Beauty is very common; nevertheless, a great personality is relatively rare.

A truly great personality shows true confidence from within, meaning this woman does not need external validation at all.

This isn’t merely about surface-level confidence that can be easily faked. It’s not really about her lifestyle confidence either. It’s more about a woman’s core confidence, i.e. no matter what happens, this lady knows her value and loves herself unconditionally.

When you are dating such a confident woman, it’s hard to offend her or upset her because she isn’t looking for validation or reassurance from you.

As she is truly confident, she dares to be very sweet and gentle to you! Does that make sense?

A positive mindset makes a woman more attractive.

When a lady complains about her weight and height, you start to notice her weight and height, right?

But before this lady told you what bothers her, you probably thought she was an extremely attractive woman. The fact that this lady complains about her looks merely reminds herself (and her date) that she isn’t desirable enough. Remember: A high-value woman with core confidence wouldn’t worry about that. Core confidence leads to body confidence, too!

“An empowered and enlightened woman from Ukraine has a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset. That’s why you should totally marry a high-value woman with core confidence, strength and a great personality.”

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