Tips for Women about Courtship

June 19, 2017 at 6.00am by in Dating advice

Courtship is a phase in a couple’s relationship that takes place before they get engaged and get married. It is during this time that the couple takes the time to get to know each other better, and this is also the part where they make the decision of whether they will be taking their relationship to the next level, which is the married life.

While many people today do not take courtship as seriously as they should, it is still important to consider this as something that will significantly help you determine and make one of the biggest decisions of your life, and that is choosing the person whom you will spend the rest of your life with. This is especially true for women.

So for every woman who is currently at this stage or just about to enter this phase, here are some helpful tips you may want to consider.

1. Consider courtship when you are ready

Courtship is not something that anyone should take as a joke or pastime. Men and women alike should only consider getting into this once they know that they are ready for a commitment, and also ready for marriage in the future.

2. Only enter courtship if you know that it is the man you would want to marry

Many women make the mistake of committing to just any guy that they do not necessarily take seriously but they are just attracted to. After this, they get too attached to the person even if it is not the right person for them, however, sometimes it is too late. It becomes harder to leave and end the relationship, and this is where their misery starts. This means that women should be careful in choosing the person they would be in a courtship in, or they may end up marrying someone who is not right for them.

3. Seek guidance from your family

One of the best people who can help you make the decision when it comes to choosing the right person is your own family. You need to ask for your family’s opinion of the guy you are dating because after all, what they look after is your own welfare. They definitely won’t disagree if they know you are with a good person. When you also listen to your family, it is easy to gain more wisdom because there are a lot of things that they see and we don’t.

4. Take time to know him well

Make sure to guard your heart and avoid giving in emotionally. Use your head all the time when you make decisions. Do not always depend on your emotions because feelings are not permanent. You also do not have to tell him everything about your personal or intimate secrets and longings unless you are sure that you are marrying him. It does not mean that you have to keep some things from him or that you have to be dishonest, but you always have to leave something for yourself.

5. Limit physical intimacy

How far you will go when it comes to physical intimacy is always your choice and decision. But being a woman, you will always be the one in the losing end if you give everything to a man who does not deserve your love. This is the reason why the advice that tells women to save the first kiss until marriage never gets old. You want to be sure about the person whom you will give your whole heart to.

6. Consider counseling or mentoring

You do not necessarily need to attend counseling or mentoring sessions so you can get an expert advice when it comes to relationships. You can simply talk to your parents, or relatives or friends who have more experience and wisdom in terms of marriage and romantic relationships. This way, your eyes will be opened to a lot more things which you need to learn about married life. There is nothing to lose if you will listen. And it does not mean that these people are the ones who need to decide for you. You will only have to seek for their advice so that you can gain more insights that can help you in handling your own relationship.

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