Ukrainian women in western countries: the truth about life

woman from Russia

These days many Ukrainian women are living in western countries because they are married to men in western countries. We interviewed several Ukrainian ladies who are married to western men and their comments are very informative.

Living in America means there are many more career opportunities.

Ukrainian women in America claim that they have more job opportunities because they can easily find jobs in the United States where opportunities are everywhere.

Although racial conflict is real in the United States, women from Russia are treated very well because their beauty is to be admired. Indeed, most women in the United States aren’t thinking about their looks every day because they tend to focus on their careers, but ladies from Russia dress well every single day because they want to look very presentable.

Having said that, the peak of the United States is probably gone. It is said that from 2000 to 2010, the United States was at its peak in almost every way. But today it’s probably not that great, although Donald Trump wants to make America great again. Because of the pandemic right now, many Americans have lost their jobs and they have serious financial issues because most Americans do not save money and are struggling. Actually, it seems that saving cash is the most important financial strategy because if all your money is in real estate or the stock market, you might face financial difficulty during the pandemic.

Living in Australia means having a relaxing lifestyle.

Australia and the United States are similar in many ways. But when it comes to people’s mindset and lifestyle, these two countries are quite different, according to Ukrainian ladies in Australia.

Further examination shows that Australian history has shaped the modern Australian culture.

The House of Representatives was to be elected based on population (with members representing electorates made up of approximately the same amount of people) while the Senate would provide all states with equal representation. States with larger populations would have more electorates and greater representation in the House; the composition of the Senate was designed to ensure that these states did not dominate the Parliament. The phrase ‘Washminster’ has been used to describe our system of government, as it blends features of the British Parliament and US federal model. The delegates took the draft constitution back to their colonial parliaments for consideration and approval. Faced with an escalating economic depression, the parliaments lost enthusiasm for federation. Meanwhile, its greatest champion, Parkes, retired from politics and the succeeding New South Wales governments did not share his passion for federal union.

While the colonial parliaments put the issue of federation to one side, it had fired the public’s imagination. Groups such as the Australian Federation League in New South Wales and the Australian Natives Association in Victoria continued to push for federation. In 1893 a people’s conference was held in Corowa, New South Wales, which agreed ‘the best interests, present and future prosperity of the Australian colonies will be promoted by their early federation’. The Corowa Conference agreed to a proposal from Victorian delegate John Quick, that: the colonial parliaments pass an act to allow the direct election of delegates to a new federation convention which would decide on a draft constitution; a referendum be held asking the people to ratify (approve) the draft constitution. A special Premier’s Conference was held in Hobart in 1895 at which most of the colonies agreed to Quick’s proposal. Queensland, fearing federation might mean the loss of its Pacific Islander labor force, decided not to take part. By this stage, New

Zealand had also opted out of the federation process. The following year the Bathurst Federation League, frustrated by the inaction of the colonial parliaments, held a second people’s conference at which over 150 delegates renewed calls for a new federation convention. Finally, in March 1896 elections for convention delegates were held in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.

The second National Australasian Convention met three times during 1897 and 1898 in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne, and used the 1891 draft constitution as a starting point for deliberations. The convention comprised elected and appointed representatives from all the colonies except Queensland.

One of the most significant changes made to the draft constitution related to the Senate. Senators would be directly elected by the people of each state voting as one electorate, rather than, as originally proposed, being selected by the state parliaments. The new draft also established the size of the two houses, so that the House of Representatives would be roughly twice the size of the Senate; in other words, there would be two members of the House for every senator, according to the Parliamentary Education Office of Australia.

“Because Australia and the United States have different back stories, these two countries give Ukrainian ladies different experiences.”

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