Ukrainian Women vs American Women: What’s The Difference?

Ukrainian women

There are so many differences between eastern women and western women. Sometimes it’s difficult to see the cultural differences between Ukrainian ladies and American ladies until you get there. This list should help you out in those stern differences.

Understanding a culture is very difficult unless you have lived in the place or have met someone to introduce you to it. Even if you haven’t met someone, you can actually read up on how people in a certain country will be. For instance, take Asian women from the Philippines, they’re known to be hospitable and kind. However, you won’t really know that unless you’ve met someone or you’ve been to the place. Nonetheless, you can still read up on it and get a general idea of what you’re in for.

  1. Emotions

According to many men, Ukrainian women do not like to show a lot of their emotions. Although this could be true in some aspects, it certainly isn’t true all the time. You have to remember not to generalize every single woman. Each person is different, therefore, they will definitely show their feelings differently from each other. However, due to the huge amount of men who have dated Ukrainians online, it has become apparent that Ukrainian ladies are often misunderstood in terms of emotions. Women in the eastern end of the world tend to be guarded. If you didn’t know, it’s due to their environment. In many parts of Ukraine, most women are taught from a very young age that they need to be strong as they need to take care of family and children.

Contrary to Ukrainian women, American women are usually viewed as “overly emotional.” Some men see this as a type vulnerability, which is why it would be easier to get women. However, this idea sometimes, if not most of the time, backfires as men are sometimes catch themselves drowning in the emotions that women from western countries exhibit. However, again, this is generally how many men feel and why they decide to date women from Ukraine.

2. Family

Ukrainian women are raised to become mothers. They are taught to be strong women to support a family well. In short, a woman’s happiness is based on the family she has raised. They are known to be very hands on with their family. The main reason many women would like to date foreign men is because they cannot find a husband at their home country. Furthermore, many women want to get married by a certain age to give birth and have enough time to raise a family. From a Ukrainian lady’s point of view, the cultural and social standard in their country is to marry a man, bear children and take care of her family.

Unlike Ukrainian women, American women tend to focus more on their career. It isn’t a bad thing to want to focus on one’s career. However, this means that the marrying age in America is much older or at least the bearing age have become much older due to this reason.

3. Body, Image and Lifestyle

Women from Ukraine are usually thin. There aren’t a lot of women from these parts of the world that isn’t considered “hot” or attractive. Ukrainians are considered to be very beautiful in both eastern and western eyes. However, this does come at a price as they love to spend on things that make them beautiful. They are often very dressed up. For example, when going to the supermarket, women from America usually wears flip flops with some shorts and jeans. However, Ukrainian women usually wear a dress with high heels. They even have their hair and makeup done to top it all off.

American women, as portrayed previously, isn’t all that bad. Although most women from America are very insecure about their body, they clean up after themselves. Generally, women only usually dress up when they’re going out to do something important like a dinner or a company event. However, according to many women, they’d rather be in sweats or slacks or something more comfortable.

4. Liars

This may come as a surprise, but Ukrainian women are actually very good lie detectors. They are the type of women who doesn’t take bullsh*t from anybody as they were raised to be independent and strong. In short, your flattery and sweet talk may not be as useful with them as it is with American women.

Most of the time, sweet talking does work on American women. This means that men can get out of trouble much more with American women compared to Ukrainian women. It isn’t always the case, but it happens more often than not.

5. Alcohol Consumption

Yes! It’s true that women from Ukraine or Russia can handle their alcohol. They often don’t get too drunk as they start drinking from a very early while in America, alcohol isn’t allowed until you are of legal drinking age. Beyond this general fact, Ukrainian women don’t ask for drinks when out at a party. This is due to the reason that they’re usually handed drinks. This means that ladies from this side of the atmosphere expect guys to give or buy them drinks.

American ladies, on the other hand, tend to slyly get drinks from men at clubs or bars. This sometimes work and actually many American movies show that women still do this. Plus, the American women usually are the ones to approach men and talk to them. In the process, they’ll subtly ask for a drink.

All these differences aren’t here to compare why Ukrainian women may be better than American women or vice-versa. This was only to show contrast in these two cultures. These barely scratch the tip of the the iceberg. There are definitely more things to learn about both cultures alike. However, as mentioned in the beginning, this is only to help you get a general idea of what Ukrainian women are like and how they can be very different from American women.

If you feel like there’s something important we missed, let us know in the comments section!

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