Unconventional First Date Ideas for the Modern Woman

July 5, 2017 at 6.00am by in Dating advice
Unconventional First Date Ideas

The ultimate goal of going out on a date is to be able to bond and have a good conversation, but sometimes, this is a make or break event. Why? It is because it is on your first date that you decide whether you would want to continue seeing this person or not, and vice versa. However, the most important thing you need to remember is that you should have fun and make out of your first date to get to know each other better.

Gone are the days when first dates are limited to dinner dates at fancy restaurants. If you want to make it more exciting, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and explore other creative options to make your first date memorable and worthwhile.

Here are some of the unconventional first date ideas you can consider.

1. Visit a flea market

This one might not really sound like a typical first date, but this could work well for modern women. Girls love to shop and they appreciate it when guys can patiently go with them while getting some shopping in. Just make sure that you invite your date to a flea market where there are a lot of activities. Remember that your date should never be boring so choose places where you can have food and drinks right after shopping.

2. Visit an art gallery

An art gallery is an excellent place for you to have a real good conversation for discovering each other’s interests. Art galleries are usually quiet places, so this is a good chance for you to also test your conversational skills. However, you also have to be careful when selecting an art gallery. Choose the one where you think you won’t be too uncomfortable to talk about anything. There are also a lot of fun and exciting photo exhibits and galleries you can explore.

3. Catch some views

First dates are extra romantic if you do it in a place where you can enjoy a nice, scenic view. It can be a nearby park with the view of the mountains or bay walk where you can watch the sun go down.

4. Attending a concert

While a concert is really a great idea especially for two people who both love music, you might want to grab something first before heading to the concert so you can still get the chance to sit down and talk. It is important to get to know each other first over a meal or drinks before hitting the event so that you will feel more comfortable around each other’s company.

5. Visit a tea room

This idea is an excellent alternative for having coffee in cafes. If you both enjoy herbal blends, visiting a tea room can be perfect in making both of you feel relaxed. You can have a good and light conversation while you take in a soothing atmosphere.

6. Go to the beach

The beach still remains to be one of the nicest places to be in when it comes to first dates. If there is not a beach nearby, you can probably visit a nearby lake. A day out in front of the waters is always perfect for relaxing while sitting down, enjoying the sun, as well as each other’s company. It could even be more perfect if the weather play along. And then, you can take a romantic stroll along the shore when the sun sets.

7. Go to a carnival

This may sound so cliché for some but bringing back your inner child and going to a carnival could make your date even more fun. Riding the Ferris wheel, playing some games and trying to win the prize, indulging in popcorns and cotton candy – these things still never grow old. And who says you’re too old to do it? This is just one great way to know each other while you are having fun. Aside from food, another effective way to connect to each other is through laughter, and this is one great place for both of you to have a good laugh. At the end of the day, you won’t even be able to tell you actually spent your day with a stranger because you are connected instantly.

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