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British mass media admit that Ukrainian brides win the hearts of foreigners not only with their outstanding physical beauty, but also with their inner qualities an respect to family values. They are thought to be the best choice for marriage according to the poles. The journalists admit that unfortunately the compatriots often underestimate Ukrainian ladies and don’t want to support financially, esteem and protect their wives. Ukrainian men are so spoiled by the number of beautiful ladies in the country, that they can’t objectively judge them. On the contrary the foreigners have a possibility to compare and in their mind Ukrainian brides have no equals in the world.

Moreover, the percentage of female older than 20 years in the country is almost twice as large as the number of men of the same age. I can name several reasons for that. A great number of young men choose a career of mariners and live out of the country most of the time. The same happens with those who decide on IT companies. It is no wonder that experienced specialists have good chances to relocate to the country where the head office is situated. Therefore, there is a simple lack of potential partners for family life in the country.

So what is so special about Ukrainian women? I suggest having a quick look at a list of qualities of Ukrainian ladies that amuse the foreigners and remain ignored by the local men:

  1. A wish to become a wife

    Most Ukrainian ladies dream since the childhood to get married and build a tight-knit family, to create a comfort in their house and to raise wonderful kids. That is why “mothers and daughters” is a favorite game for many Ukrainian girls. Personally I remember playing it with a great pleasure 🙂

  2. Appearance

    Ukrainian beauty is known all over the globe. As the foreigners claim, you will not find such a lot of beautiful ladies at any street of the world. The secret is not only in their sophisticated physical traits, but also in their wish to always look good and a flair for presenting themselves in the best way. This is also true about their choice of clothes.

If you want to know more about the origin of Ukrainian physical traits, you may find it in the following post: https://blog.ukrainebridesagency.com/ukrainian-physical-traits

  1. Housekeeping

    Ukrainian housewives may cook, keep the house neat and be economic in their family life. They plan their shopping lists carefully and know where to find cheaper and fresher food. The recipes and useful tips for housekeeping are handed down carefully in Ukrainian families.

  2. Mothering

    The fact that Ukrainian women treat their children with a lot of love is worth admiring. Tight-knit relations of mothers and their children became a topic of many national songs. Ukrainian mothers may be strict sometimes but they are never neglectful towards their children.

  3. Sensuality

    Ukrainian ladies are passionate and emotional. They show a wide palette of feelings: tenderness, endearment, care, jealousy, sensitiveness, mercy, ability to forgive. They are kindhearted and good listeners and may understand and accept.

  4. Keeping fit

    Ukrainian ladies are not keen on diets, but they like to keep fit and most of them used to do sports or dancing professionally in their school years. They walk a lot and prefer to lead an active lifestyle.

  5. Talent

    Ukrainian ladies love to sing and dance, they have a good sense of humor. Almost every lady in the country deals with some kind of creative hobby.

  6. Wisdom

    The ability to find the way out of the hard situations, to solve difficult tasks, to lead a husband to success – are not the only qualities that make the Ukrainian ladies so special. They are able to survive in the hard life conditions and stay proactive. They may quickly make decisions in stressful situations and remain calm.

  7. Diligence

    The main quality which many writers use to describe Ukrainian ladies is an ability to work hard. Together with an outer beauty it was a main quality of a good Ukrainian bride since the old times. The life has changed and household chores are not the same as before, but unbelievable enthusiasm for work remained in the genes of our ladies. Some of them work at several part-time jobs to provide for their children and remain loving and tender wives at the same time.

  8. Endurance

    Ukrainian ladies may tolerate a lot. They do not make hasty decisions and usually wait for a while before making any resolute steps either it is about o affect their relationship or their place of work.

  9. Erudition

    Reading classical literature and knowing several foreign languages is a must in Ukraine. Besides, most of the citizens speak two mother languages since the childhood. Many ladies also play musical instruments as it is a standard for an average Ukrainian family.

  10. Stamina

    Going to work, doing the cleaning, ironing and cooking, helping kids with their housework, drawing a painting for their arts classes, keeping herself fit and petting her husband – are not the only usual daily activities an average Ukrainian wife usually performs. You may easily think that there is more than 24 hours a day that she possesses. More about the usual working day of a Ukrainian lady you may learn following this link: https://blog.ukrainebridesagency.com/day-in-a-life-of-a-single-ukrainian-women

  11. Attitude to the parents and religion

    In Ukrainian culture an important Christian tradition to love, esteem and respect the parents. The same is true about the old people. And this tradition is kept for many centuries, together with preserving the traditions of the ancestors.

Of course, I’ve mentioned only some of important qualities of Ukrainian ladies. You may personally communicate with them using our site, get to know them better and make sure. I’m crtain that you will be able to continue this list.

I would love to get to know your ideas in commentaries to the post!

  • Dany Peterson

    I’ve traveled to Ukraine, people are very discerning and value.
    My decision is that next year I travel to Ukraine and marry with a Ukrainian girl.
    This is my most important goal in life.

    • Anna

      Dear Dany!
      Thank you for your kind words about Ukrainian people.
      We would be happy to help you find your special lady!
      We hope to be useful for you to make your search comfortable and convenient.
      Feel free to give us a call at any time at your convenience.

      Support team of Ukraine Brides Agency
      [email protected]


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