“Western Dreams, Eastern Destinies” (by Edward Gosnell): HOW MEN FIND HAPPINESS WITH INTERNATIONAL DATING

March 27, 2020 at 2.44am by in International Dating

“True wisdom is learning from the mistakes of others”


Edward wrote the book and describes the many difficult challenges not only he and his new wife faced, but many others they met undertaking a similar journey. Here is what Edward had to say:

Twenty-two years ago, I decided that I’d had enough of the bachelor life and was ready to look for a wife and life mate. Not just any woman, but a traditional, family-oriented lady from a foreign culture. The women of Ukraine seemed to fit the bill. I spent the next two years looking online for the right one. Eventually I found a great prospect, started a dialog with her by email, then went to Ukraine to meet her in person. We decided that we were right for one another and, within months, I brought her to the USA as my fiancée. We were married 20 years ago, and, honestly, I feel to this day like I won the “lotto of love.”


It was not easy for my new spouse to adjust to life in a new country and culture. I had to learn how to be a good husband and how to help her transition through many challenges. But we persisted because, as I found out, a good marriage is not a goal to reach, but rather a lifelong journey, a never-ending process. Some friends told me that our story by itself would be grist for a book, but when I finally decided to write one, it was to share the lesson’s I’d learned and as it turns out, there were more stories to tell than just my own.

What does that mean? Well, you see, as a favor to some who asked, my wife started to mentor a few of her girlfriends and female relatives in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, women who were interested in finding a foreign husband from English speaking countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I helped my wife with email translations and went on to make friendships with the men that the ladies had met online.

Some of these budding international relationships between women and men went on to great success. Others failed, sometimes quietly and quickly, but in some cases, failed in spectacular fashion that brought emotional pain and upset into the life of the unfortunate protagonists.

The human dramas I witnessed deeply affected me, since these men and women were by and large decent people simply trying to find happiness in a big and often uncaring world. I felt a duty to share the lessons learned from these different encounters, so there might be a positive outcome for others who were perhaps just setting out in their quest. In writing my book, I set out to provide useful information and ease the challenges of finding a foreign bride and starting a married life together: a life that for these couples bridges two different countries, cultures, perspectives and languages.

The result of my work is entitled “Western Dreams, Eastern Destinies.” While I’m American and my wife is Ukrainian, the principles within the book apply to most new relationships and to people from any culture or country. May the stories and lessons within my book enlighten and entertain you, but, most importantly, help you to find happiness and fulfillment with the right partner for you

You can purchase “Western Dreams, Eastern Destinies” by Edward Gosnell on Amazon:


“Western Dream, Eastern Destinies” is a delightful and engaging read for those contemplating the idea of meeting a Ukraine partner online through international dating, those who have recently embarked on this journey to find love with a Ukrainian lady and those that are happily married to a wonderful Ukraine Lady.

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  • Aijazz

    It is SO natural to seek a “soulmate” when we are adults.. but the true journey is a long one. “Man & Woman will to the end of time pursue, the One that lives in them as two.” (an Indian poet..) This planet surely needs a pandemic of ❤️


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