Why do men need an interpreter at the meeting

November 7, 2019 at 9.54am by in International Dating
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Today is a good day to answer a very bothering question “Why do men need an interpreter at the meeting?”

The first meeting is very exciting. Both men and ladies get ready for the meeting seriously beginning with their appearance and finishing by the decision to use the services of an interpreter or not.

Likewise, sometimes men don’t care about interpreters even if they and their ladies don’t speak on each other’s language. There are three reasons for such behavior. 


 “Why should I pay for an interpreter if the lady doesn’t know English?” 


“We have google translator, so we will understand each other”.


“We don’t need any third person at the meeting, because it will be uncomfortable.”

Consequently, let’s discuss all these situations.

First of all, an interpreter is someone, who helps you and your lady to communicate with each other. As you are in a foreign country and you don’t know its language you should ask yourself a question: “How will I understand my lady?”

Even if your lady doesn’t know English, please mind, that you speak neither Ukrainian nor Russian. Hence, it is obvious that you need someone, who will help you to communicate. 

Some men say that google translator will be enough. However, are you sure that in such a case your words will be understood correctly? Most noteworthy, on the strength of our experience, the answer is “no”. There was one couple who broke up their relations after the first meeting without the interpreter. 

The man thought the lady was in a hurry and said to her that she had to go. The lady didn’t understand why he was telling that all the time as she had no other things to do, so she decided he wasn’t interested in communication or was hurrying to the meeting with other ladies. After this date, the man shared his impressions by saying that she had no time to be with him. Certainly, they just misunderstood each other because of using google translator. Google can’t translate correctly. Even if you try to translate a sentence you will have the translation of only separated words. That’s why you will lose the sense of your words and the main idea of what you are trying to say. 

Here are a few examples

As for interpreters, they translate not the words but the whole sentences trying to pass the main idea, intonation, and mood of the phrase from speaker to listener, so you will easily understand each other. 

Yes, he will be the third person, but he will help you if you don’t know what to say or how to ask your question. If somebody is late for the meeting or there happened some unexpected nuances during the meeting, the interpreter can help you to solve any issue. The translation isn’t as easy as you may think. The interpreter should find a key to both lady and man to explain their thoughts correctly. Consequently, it is very hard work and it can’t be made for free. It is worth paying as interpreters are the “bridges” which connect you and your lady. We hope this information will help you to prepare for the first meeting.

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  • Max

    Oh! I didn’t know google translator may cause such a problem. Thanks for the useful information!


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