Best Tinder Conversation Starters to Land Your First Date

July 10, 2017 at 6.00am by in Dating advice
Tinder Conversation Starters to Land Your First Date

Technology has made a huge influence in our lives, even when it comes to the dating scene. Today, for most people who don’t have much time to go out and meet new people, online dating has been their go-to solution. But, while many are lucky to land a first date from meeting someone from online dating sites, not everybody shares the same luck.

It is really nice to find and get to meet someone you like and likes you back in online dating sites and apps, like Tinder. However, if you want to take it to the next level, a huge part of it will depend on the kind of conversation that you have.

And if you want to land your first date from talking from someone from Tinder, here are some of the best conversation tips you shouldn’t ignore.

1. Don’t be afraid to be the first one to reach out

If you find a match in Tinder, there is nothing wrong with being the first one to say “hi”. Go ahead and start a conversation. It is okay that you try than not trying at all because you might live your life with all the “what if’s”. Besides, it all starts with being friends. If you are worried that you might look desperate, it is not worth worrying and thinking about. That’s basically the reason why you guys are on Tinder, and that is to meet and get to know other people.

2. Try to be different

It is easy to get noticed in Tinder and find a match. What’s difficult is how you will stand out. If you want to be the one to be invited for a date, of course, you have to be different. Being different though does not mean that you have to pretend to be someone you are not. It only means that you need to make them want to get to know you better, like something that will grab their attention. What works for many guys is a little mystery. If you do not bring it all out on the table and be a little mysterious, that makes them more curious and interested.

3. Pay a compliment

There is nothing wrong with letting a person know that they are appreciated. However, you must be careful not to overdo it or you will look desperate. Just a little appreciation will do to get rid of the tension and make you both feel comfortable. Everybody loves compliments anyway, so it is worth a try.

4. Ask more questions and be attentive

When you begin chatting, ask questions to know the person better and be sincere about it. Don’t ask just to have something to talk about. Pay attention to their answers so that you can have follow-up questions or might have something to share, too. This way, the conversation will start to be more comfortable and natural.

5. Be friendly

Remember that even if your goal is to land a date, you still need to aim for friendship before anything else. Otherwise, it might be too obvious and you might sound creepy. Instead of attracting a potential date, you might unknowingly push them away. So just think of it as if you are plainly making friends so that the conversation will feel more relaxed and chill.

6. Learn how to wait for a reply

Avoid sending a lot of messages when you are no longer getting a reply for quite a while. They could also be busy and show them you are impatient will also send them a signal that you are crazy and desperate. Instead of replying to you, they might just not reply forever. Or even if they do not talk to you at all for days or weeks, there is no reason to chase them. After all, you don’t deserve someone who just instantly disappears in the air.

7. Also, make them wait for your reply

Another tactic that works is letting a guy wait for your reply. It is perfectly fine to keep them waiting sometimes. If you reply right away almost every time, you might be giving them the impression that you have nothing else to do in life, nothing that keeps you busy, and there is nothing that challenges them. And that is not attractive at all.

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