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The relationship between a man and a lady is a complex process involving many unseen details. It is no secret that women are more sensitive than the men. But, do you know that many Ukrainian women are keen on doing yoga, esoterics and learning eastern spiritual practice? No? Then, I am going to open a bit of a hidden side of people’s relationships to you.

If there is a sympathy between two people, their bodies intensively exchange the energy and both communicators get pleasure of the contact. During the conversation of two people the channels arise between their auras and allow the energy flow to the both sides. The streams may take any color and be of any form. You may even see them, if you possess extrasensory abilities.

Types of relations

Energy streams connect the people through the appropriate chakras according to the type of their relations.

  • Muladhara – with relatives.
  • Svadhisthana – with lovers, spouses, between friends and relatives on the cheerful pastime.
  • Manipur – with relatives, colleagues, friends, subordinates, rivals, superiors, companions for sport.
  • Anahata – with objects of emotional interaction, our beloved people. For a harmonious development of relations between a man and a lady the channel through sexual chakra (Svadhisthana) is also very important.
  • Vishuddha – with associates and coworkers.
  • Ajna – with adored idol, leader of the sect, during the hypnotic or telepathic connection.
  • Sahasrara – connection only with egregors (religious sects, sport fan clubs, political movements, etc.)

The more passionate the relations are, the stronger connection is formed between the channels in the process of communication. While people build a close relationship, all their chakras gradually connect with the partner’s. That is why people who have lived for a long time together may even look alike.

How long a relationship lives

Strong relationships do not weaken by any distances or time. It is no wonder that a mother always feels her child. It doesn’t matter where he is. Even  ears may pass since their last meeting. The same happens when you meet an old friend after a while. You may feel as if you met only yesterday.

The channels stay for a long time – years, decades, and may go from incarnation to incarnation. (Of course, if you believe in that! :))

Healthy relationships form bright, clean channels. In such relationship there is trust, intimacy, sincerity and still a plenty of space for personal freedom and development. An equal exchange of energy happens in such connection, without any distortions.

When the relationship is gradually dying, the channels become thinner and weaker. Over time, the energy is no longer running through these channels, the connection is terminated, people become strangers.

If partners break up, but channels are still present, they continue to aspire to each other. It also happens when one partner breaks the communication channels and closes from the further interaction, but the other partner is still attached to him and tries to reach through the energy barriers to restore the relationship.

When you begin a conversation with a Ukrainian lady your body already sends her energy tie even if you are thousands miles away from her. If the sympathy is mutual, your first connection is already built. It may be weak and fragile in the beginning, but it is up to you how strong it becomes. The final result depends on many factors: on how much effort you pay and how gentle and tactful you are, but the caring gardener for this small sprout are both of you, and all is in your hands.

Become more than friends

As I already told you, the connection you build during the simple communication gradually becomes stronger as different chakras connect with each other. You could notice all the ties depend on various social roles. That is why it is important to become friends, spouses and lovers with your Ukrainian lady. On this way you may take on different roles: associates, superiors, subordinates, rivals in many small things, questions, and points of view. A relationship is a game, a hard work, a constant process with no end. It is your choice to make it pleasant and joyful for both – you and your Ukrainian lady.

Online chatting is a great way to set up a comfortable and emotional atmosphere with your Ukraine lady. Following the link you may find a post which may uncover some interesting ways of how to make online chatting interesting If you pay much effort during the conversation – you will build a strong connection with the lady far before you come and see her in person. Your bodies and souls will be already connected with unbreakable ties.

Of course, it is not a quick process and won’t work with many ladies you communicate with, that is why we recommend you to begin your interaction using text messages and find out if you have common interests.

Video chat as a great way of interaction

The second stage is a video chat with a lady as it is a unique opportunity to see her body language, feelings and emotions, listen to each other voices. More about the body language you may learn following this link: During the video chat you also have a possibility to show her your sincere smile and your manners. Real people’s images often differ from how they seem to their partners in text conversation. Do not underestimate the importance of a video chat saying that it is too expensive. If you don’t want the relation work in all spheres of people’s interaction then you’d better not to start it at all. But if you have already read till this moment, I guess that you are at least interested even if this all sounds to you weird 🙂

Doing something together with your partner always helps to establish good relations. Do not just talk: exchange ideas, tease each other, give creative tasks to your partner and watch the result together. You may go on online dates and dinners and try to live the way as if you are already a couple. If you follow this line, you will have no embarrassment, no fear, no concerns about each other on the day you meet here in Ukraine. You will already be a couple!

One more useful link for you to find some secrets of online dating to keep your online conversation interesting:

I hope that I helped you to understand your feelings and emotions towards different people. The importance of interacting with your Ukrainian lady in different ways is invaluable. I do believe that you have enough imagination and wish to set a start of something special to both of you! 🙂

  • Henri

    I have been in a happy situation to visit Ukraine several times. There is a lot of the article that is familiar to me, even though I have already taken steps. I’m not someone who knows so well, I’d like to be open for advice. For me communication is the biggest problem, I spent a lot of time and patience. Thanks for the beautifully written article, Energy of People’s Realization-Ship, the spiritual one was very much in touch with me. We will go there too soon.

    • Anna

      Dear Henri,
      thank you very much for your warm words. It is great that you are willing to learn more and capable of accepting advice. I am sure that you will soon achieve the happiness you deserve together with your special lady. As being open to learning something new is a key to success if you date a person from another country.
      Remember we are always delighted to help you with any issue.

      I wish you luck in building a strong and loving relationship.
      Be happy!

      Anna Z

  • kenneth hosick

    i can relate to alot of what was said about energies. however in my case i can sense them naturally since i have a connection with the earth itself.for me even if i can not be with the person in person i can sense her energy but when we get together and the longer we spend time together it increases 100 fold. i will then begin to tell them things about their life without ever having them tell me.sometimes i view this as a gift but mostly a curse because it leaves no mystery or it ruins a surprise she might have for me. it has also ruined relationships i have had. balance is necessary when dealing with energies….spiritual energy most definitely because the heart and soul are involved


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