How to make an Eastern European woman feel attracted to you

Eastern European woman

What makes a man attractive? Do you need to look like Leonardo DiCaprio in order to be an attractive guy? Well, in truth, you don’t need to look like an A-list celebrity in order to be an attractive man! What a relief! 😊

The importance of your sub-communication:

No matter how many communication books you’ve read, if your sub-communication is wrong, you won’t get the results you desire. Full stop.

Let me show you an example: John has learned that he should find high-value ways to start conversations with Eastern European women. But whenever he is talking to a lady, he can’t maintain eye contact. This indicates lack of confidence, unfortunately. Therefore, no matter how hard he tries to keep the conversation going, the lady can’t feel attracted to him.

Please note that women are very intuitive. Therefore, if there is something wrong with a guy, women would know it – their intuition is pretty strong!

By contrast, many men would use the logical brain to analyze situations in life because men tend to be more analytical and may not trust their intuition very much.

As a result, men’s sub-communication is more important than women’s sub-communication in dating and relationships!

Perhaps now it’s time to work on your body language and core confidence.

Instead of focusing on how you talk, you must focus on what you say.

I know many dating books tell you that women may not remember what you’ve said, but they always remember how you’ve made them feel. That means how you talk is more important in many ways.

Frankly, that is only true to some degree. In my opinion, granted, how you talk is paramount, but what you say is much more significant, if not more significant. Let me explain.

An inexperienced woman from Eastern Europe might find you very attractive if you’ve mastered how to talk to women. But a sophisticated lady from Eastern Europe will pay attention to what you actually say.

Basically, that means your conversation skills won’t work if you have nothing valuable to say.

Thus, you have to offer good value in conversations. That means you should read books, watch documentaries, see movies, listen to meaningful music, subscribe to educational podcasts, travel the world…. Only when your brain is filled with high-quality information can you say interesting things to a woman that you like.

I’ve met many good-looking men who know how to talk to women, but a lot of them have very little to offer if I listen to what they actually say.

This is just like reading a book with a pretty cover. If the cover of the book looks great, I may want to read this book carefully. Yet when I actually read this book, I might be put off by its content if it has nothing exciting to tell me.

Here is another analogy: You watch the trailer of a movie and you feel excited because the trailer is so wonderful. However, when you actually go to the cinema to see the movie, you feel very disappointed because the real movie is just boring.

Clearly, your attractive behavior should be backed up by solid substance. In other words, your content is just as important as your formality.

Don’t underestimate the power of your personal grooming.

Grooming is not just something for women to do. In fact, men are supposed to pay attention to their personal grooming as well. This is the basic respect that people must show.

Because Eastern European women are always presentable and fashionable, they expect their men to look reasonably good. I’m not saying you should look like a movie star. I mean you need to at least try to look good for her so that she can see your effort!

When you go out with your Eastern European lady, she always makes you look high-value because she is an attractive lady. Meanwhile, you should reciprocate by looking great and energetic as well.

Hence, you may want to invest in some good clothes. Read GQ magazine and you will surely learn a thing or two from those columns and pictures. You can select a style that suits you or a style that you genuinely like, and then all you need to do is to imitate that style in detail. Alternatively, you can imitate a male celebrity that you admire or you look like to some degree. Imitate his fashion, facial expression and gestures. Imitate the way he talks, the way he walks and the way he carries himself. Watch his videos on YouTube and learn from him now. 😊

“It turns out that GQ magazine is quite valuable.”

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