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October 31, 2019 at 11.31am by in Dating advice
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As we know, the first date is an exciting time when everybody has hopes for better, makes plans and gets ready for a wonderful meeting. However, it is hard to decide what to do, where to go and what to talk about on a first date.

We are pleased to give you a couple of ideas of places to visit on the first meeting with your lady.

The first meeting is something special. It is the first time you will be so close to each other, look into each other’s eyes, in other words, see each other in real life.

Both ladies and men prepare for this meeting thoroughly to make a great first impression. More relevant, choosing the correct place is as important as choosing clothes.

What to do?

It has as many answers as many people live on Earth because everybody has his own opinion. Some people say it depends on the lady’s character and interests. That means, if she likes animals, you should go to the zoo; if she listens to rock music, then it should be a concert; or, if she likes to sing, the perfect place is karaoke.

Moreover, does it really work?

We don’t think so, as the main goal of the meeting is to get to know each other better, not to do hobbies.

What to choose then?

The Internet has lots of variants. Let’s discuss the most popular ones. We combined all the answers into several groups.

The first one combines the zoo, museums, exhibitions and theme parks.

All these places are very interesting and specific.

Internet has lots of variants. Let’s discuss the most popular ones. We combined all answers into several groups. 
The first one combines zoo, museums, exhibitions and theme parks.

Even if you know the hobbies of your lady, you won’t be able to guarantee she will enjoy such a place. So be attentive.

There you will have time to talk and to have a good rest. The only thing is that such places are so attractive and interesting that you may forget why you are there.

You should not only enjoy the place but also try to enjoy conversation with your lady.

Another group consists of night clubs, karaoke, bowling, concerts, theaters, and cinemas.

Another group consists of night clubs, karaoke, bowling, concerts, theaters and cinemas.

Sure you may spend a great time, but you won’t get closer to your mate, as your attention will be on screen, scene or game, so you’ll have no time to speak.

You’ll have bright memories of your activities, but not of each other.

That’s why such places are not good for the first meeting. The next group is represented by parks, restaurants, and cafes.

Next group is represented by parks, restaurants and cafes.

And it’s the winner of our list.

These places are less noisy, calm and cozy. There you can concentrate your attention on each other, ask bothering questions, listen to life stories.

Whether you are walking in the park or drinking tea in a café or restaurant, the atmosphere is more private and dispositive to the conversation.

And the last group is called “Places not to visit in any case”, and the first one is your hotel room.

If you don’t want to offend a lady, never invite her to your hotel room, especially on the first date!

Even if you have good intentions it may cause a big misunderstanding.

Ladies may take such an offer as a sign, which means, that a man isn’t looking for a long-term relationship. So that may break up your relations.

Another bad place is the shopping mall.

Ladies love shopping very much. Even if they have no money, they can “travel” through lots of shops, searching looking for something special. Consequently, it may last for hours.

Likewise, don’t waste your time and money on buying things instead of learning something new about each other. Even if you prefer going to café or cinema, don’t choose those, which are in huge shopping centers.

That was the last advice for today, and we think now you will make the right choice of the first place for meeting.

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