The undeniable power of an alpha mindset while dating a woman from Eastern Europe

women from Eastern Europe

When you have an alpha mindset, the way you interact with women will change, so you will get different results in your love life. There is an old Zen saying, “The way a person does one thing is the way they do everything”. This is not just about dating and relationships. In fact, having an alpha mindset will transform the way you operate in general because when you are the leader in your world, you will change your reality – you will have new friends, new hobbies and possibly a new career. Yes, how you do anything is how you do everything. Many women from Eastern Europe agree with that.

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  • The truth behind an alpha mindset:

Frankly, having an alpha mindset alone is not enough because in order to build a lifestyle you deserve, you also need other aspects: A) intelligence; B) hard work; C) luck. Amongst these three elements, the most obvious variable is how hard you are willing to work. Having said that, you can also improve your intelligence by learning new skills and acquiring new knowledge. Also, you can improve your luck by building a powerful social circle because luck is oftentimes determined by who you know and who knows you. By the way, who knows you is much more important than who you know because if you know the Prime Minister of Australia, it doesn’t mean you can ask the Prime Minister to give you a perfect job, but if the Prime Minister knows you and there is a fantastic job opportunity that they can offer, they might think of you. 

Obviously, having an alpha mindset is the foundation of your success because an alpha mindset is the prerequisite of everything you want to achieve. Let’s have a look at this analogy:

An alpha mindset is the root of a tree. All knowledge and skills are the branches of the tree. The root of the tree gives the branches the nutrition they need and influences the health & the stability of all branches. Clearly, you can only make the most of your knowledge and skills when you have an alpha mindset. 

What if you don’t cultivate an alpha mindset? Well, if you don’t have an alpha mindset, none of your dating skills will work because you can utilize every dating skill when you are interacting with a woman, but the moment she notices how you interact with the rest of the world (and you demonstrate beta behavior as your behavior is influenced by your mindset), she will lose interest. Never underestimate the power of a woman’s intuition – she will figure out who you really are when you don’t know how to handle situations in life in an alpha manner.

Therefore, every modern man needs an alpha mindset.

  • Key ideas:

The idea of having “alpha male qualities” and being an “alpha male” sounds perfect and we know most dating books have told you that you must be an “alpha male” 24/7; otherwise, women wouldn’t find you attractive. In this blog post, only the importance of having an alpha mindset is emphasized; let’s make this really clear: You do not need to be such a clichéd alpha male to have huge success with women. Frankly, having alpha male qualities 24/7 merely makes sense in the animal world outside human society, as in modern society, women don’t really need a big and strong man to save her just because a tiger might kill her. You might assume that dominant, super macho men have it easy in terms of meeting and attracting women. You might think it’s not even worth getting out of bed when those guys rock up. Yet truthfully, there is no secret solution to quick success. Please don’t envy so-called alpha males. Instead, just take the best of their alpha male qualities, and then mix them with your own personality. In this way, you will create an alpha mindset. 

“That means developing an alpha mindset is not about sitting there and studying a book about mindset; it is actually about knowing what to do and doing exactly that!”

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