“Be a bit of a challenge; not because you’re playing games but because you realize you’re worth the extra effort.”

If you look through the list of popular modern bloggers I am sure you’ll find too many useful tips about how to make your relationship awesome and the first day just unforgettable. There is too much literature about this. Nevertheless, if you would like to date a Slavic girl and not have any problems then I will tell you about the top 10 mistakes men make with Ukrainian women.

1. Mistake number one: being too nice and showing too much interest to her too soon. So, what does it mean? Showing too much interest is when you pay too much attention to everything the lady does, or you agree with everything she says, or you laugh too much. Some things may not be funny, so your constant laugh will annoy her. Be careful with trying to be too nice. You’re better to control your emotions. Just relax and feel free. Remember the time you were chilling with your friends and you were yourself. So, do not put on a mask of “the nicest guy ever”.

2. Mistake number two: leaning in to her. Every person must have and, indeed, has her/his own space; that’s simple psychology. Do not lean in like an old man who tries to read what’s written on the wall. When you lean in then the person who stands in front of you just leans back automatically. It looks like you’re invading her space and want too much from your woman. So, you lose your chance to get the heart of a beautiful Ukrainian lady.
When you like a lady, just stand straight, keep your chin up, shoulders back, your chest out, breathe and just be chilled, just behave naturally. This will attract Russian women more.

3. Mistake number three: men do not take the lead. It’s the most common mistake you can do. Being a man means it is your job to take the lead in an interaction with your woman. Whether she is your girlfriend, whether she is your sister, mom or just your friend, men are expected to take the lead, to make the decisions, to go first. So, be brave and show her your confidence.

4. Mistake number four: thinking too much of what to say next. Some men are not in the present when they are talking to women. They are thinking too much instead of just concentrating on the conversation. In the end, you are always surprised why ladies look mad when they feel you do not understand them. Well, it can be that you just do not listen to them. Be a good listener and make your lady feel that you are in the present with her, at that moment with her, here…now. She needs to feel like you care about her, that you are truly interested in her. She should see your eyes interact with hers and you are not somewhere else, but there with her.

5. Mistake number five: trying to impress her. This doesn’t work. When the woman sees that you’re trying to impress her what she is thinking is that you don’t believe in yourself enough. Instead of accepting you as a person, you are trying to impress her with the way you act, how many cars you have, how much money you earn. Women recognize when you are overcompensating. Actually, when you are trying to impress someone, what you are doing is showing them that you feel unworthy of their attention, because if you feel worthy of her attention, why would you need to impress her?

6. Mistake number six: expressing your love too soon. Don’t be so into this lady too quickly. A woman will be very disappointed if you start crying for her and melting when you see her. Don’t do that. Usually, that really scares all Russian and Ukrainian ladies. She will feel too much pressure. She may really like you but she understands the difference between liking, passion and love. So, be careful with your emotions. Keep them to yourself. It is better to express all that 2-3 months later when you both realize the importance of each other in your life.

7. Mistake number seven: talking about negative things. So, a girl likes you, you are going on a date, just having a conversation and then what does the man start to do? He starts talking about negative things. “Oh, yeah, the economy is really bad.. politics and stuff…my boss at work… I don’t know, my life is kind of a boring world”. Don’t talk about anything negative when you’re with your lady if you really want to attract her. Women want to hear nice and lovely words. Talking about negative things is an opposite side of what she desires to hear. Believe me, it doesn’t matter how handsome you are, rich, cool, or popular, if you are negative and do not do anything to make your lady smile then she will think:” Get me away from this guy. I will see you later. Next!”. Be positive, talk about great things. Show her the wonders of life!

8. Mistake number eight: is having weak body language. Sometimes men come up to the lady and are afraid to talk to her and instead of being strong and confident in her eyes, you make the tone of your voice low, make your body smaller by putting your hands into your pockets and your shoulders lean forward. The lady wants a strong man who can protect her, not a weak man that she needs to protect. It doesn’t matter how old you are; a man can be 10 years old and a man can be 40 years old. Simply show her your dignity and power.

9. Mistake number nine: dressing poorly. It is not about how expensive or cheap your clothes are, the ladies want to see your style. When you wear a shirt – make sure it fits your body. It should not be too baggy or too tight. The exception to this is of course if you’re a rapper and you have a certain style! Always wear clothes that compliment your body – it doesn’t matter if your thin or a bit overweight or whatever. And, of course, stay clean, wear clean clothes, smell nice. Women are very sensitive and they can feel the men. Not presenting yourself well makes you look unsexual and you won’t attract your lady.

10. Mistake number ten: calling too much. Don’t get too excited when she gives you her number, Facebook, or whatever. She may send you a simple message to know how you’re doing but you are writing her a novel. Don’t do that. Don’t invest too much. She should not spend the whole day replying to thousands of messages and calls. It will annoy her quickly. It is a psychological way of leaning in too much because you’re always texting her, online the whole day and do not show her you have work or being responsible for something in your daily life. A girl, however, doesn’t want someone who is ready to talk to her 24 hours per day. Please keep your messages short and be a challenge. Don’t play mind games but don’t be too available as well. Keep things balanced. After she is your girlfriend you may talk to her 24 hours. Before that – chill.

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We truly believe that if you don’t make these mistakes you are more likely to meet your special Ukrainian lady.


  • Lawrence OBrien

    I found your suggestions to be quite honest and very helpful.

    • Julia Kozachenko

      Thank you. We believe this will help everyone who wishes to create a great and successful relationship.


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