Define Your Love Life with These Types of Relationships

November 17, 2017 at 6.00am by in Online Dating
Relationship types

No two relationships are the same. They are all unique, although there are some common traits that make certain types similar to another. However, you need to know that no relationship is ever perfect. While it can be your greatest source of happiness, it can also become the worst thing that you will have to go through and endure. But since there is that hope for a lasting love, we still choose to take the risk. And while you may stumble in some of your relationships, you will still eventually come across the one that’s meant for you, and the one that’s going to stay.

Here are some of the types of romantic relationships that you will eventually experience.

1. Codependent relationship

You have a codependent relationship when you or your partner is unable to function efficiently without the other person. This means that you are too dependent on your partner and you cannot make decisions without them, and vice versa. And because you are too dependent, you have to sacrifice the other areas of your life just to keep the relationship. You are scared to lose what you have and go an extra mile for your partner even if it means that you have to give up your time for your family and your friends.

2. Toxic relationships

This type of relationship is a common one we can see. Instead of being happy, being in a relationship feels miserable because yours is toxic. It is sucking the life out of you and it feels better when you are not together. However, people see you as a perfect couple but for some reason, you just aren’t happy.

3. Independent relationship

In an independent relationship, it means that you and your partner are capable of functioning without each other. You put yourselves first and you are highly focused on your other priorities and that is why you find it difficult to compromise for the sake of your relationship. In short, you don’t prioritize love at this moment.

4. Negotiation relationship

This relationship is the one wherein you and your partner make compromises and negotiations because you always try to meet halfway. Your ultimate goal is to have a fair relationship and to make sure that both sides are happy. This one is a pretty good type of relationship because there are less fights and misunderstanding.

5. Dominating relationship

Being in a dominating relationship means that either you or your partner sets specific rules, and the other has to follow. And then the one that has to follow is blinded and does not see how ridiculous and unfair these rules are. Only one person can speak and the other one cannot express his or her opinions.

6. Trophy relationship

In a trophy relationship, you are only dating your partner or someone is dating you because it can give either of you something in return or it makes you look better. For example, the gold diggers only go with their partner because their partners can sustain all their needs and wants, and give them a luxurious life.

7. Complicated relationship

Complicated relationships are really confusing and very tricky. There are also a lot of situations that can be associated to complicated relationships. For example, you love each other but there is an involvement of a third party, or you think that you are not compatible and you don’t exactly put labels if you are officially in a relationship. It could also be referred to the relationship between exes who still feel the same for each other but find it difficult to commit back to a so-called relationship.

8. Abusive relationships

An abusive relationship could be one of the worst type of relationship you could have. This is one when one partner controls the other person and use physical and/or verbal abuse on them. If you are in this type of relationship, there is no better thing to do than to walk away. However, for some others, they choose to stay because they claim to love the person no matter what and they still hope that their partner will still change for the better.

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