6 Essentials to Keep your Relationship Together

December 11, 2017 at 6.00am by in Dating advice
Keep Relationship Together

A lot of people today are scared of relationships or commitment. They observe many relationships fail, divorce rates are high, and breakups are frequent. While these things are true, many of us are still willing to take risks when it comes to love. Even if there are so many uncertainties and trials, many couples still make it to their happily-ever-after. There are a lot of people who survive the hurdles and make their relationship work. So there’s really no reason to be scared. Relationships can succeed if you and your partner work at it. If you want to keep your love and relationship for a lifetime;

Here are some essentials that you and your partner should provide for each other.

1. Respect

Respect is crucial for any relationship, let alone a romantic relationship. Even if you are a couple, you still differ in so many ways. You have varying opinions and perspective on many things. You need to respect each other because once either of you feels disrespected, it could trigger anger or hurt. If you have mutual respect in your relationship, you will be able to work through your differences and disagreements.

2. Trust

Trust is another crucial element in a relationship. When you trust each other, you know you feel safe because you have each other’s back. You also feel assured about your love and you trust that you are both honest with each other. If that trust is broken, you will start to have suspicions, doubts and worries because you are afraid that your partner might deceive you, fool you or hurt you, and vice versa. A broken trust could be the beginning of a broken relationship as well. So make sure that you are careful enough not to break it.

3. Affection

When you are in a relationship, one of the best things that your significant other can do is to make you feel loved. It is also the same for them. We always want to feel special and we want to feel that someone cares for us. For your relationship to last, you should make sure that you constantly express your affection for your partner. Even if you have been together for a long time, you still need to make sure that you remind them that you love them even in simple ways. Even when you are too busy, they will appreciate it if you go out of your way to do something for them just to remind them that someone remembers and cares.

4. Attention

Another essential thing you should freely give each other is attention. People want to feel valued and important in a person’s life. So if your partner needs you or when you need them, know when to put everything away and give each other the attention you both need. No matter how busy your life gets, at the end of the day, you can spend even a little time to focus on your partner alone so that you can communicate with them and make them feel important.

5. Space

Relationships have to be balanced and even if you are already married, personal space is important. Being a couple does not mean that you have to be in every single aspect of each other’s lives. You need your own space, your partner needs their own space, too. You should have your own time to spend for work, with your friends and family and other things that are important to you. You need to maintain your own identity and not lose yourself simply because you are in a relationship.

6. Quality time

As a couple, you should find quality time for each other. And quality time means dropping everything and doing things together or just enjoy each other’s company. If you can, do fun and exciting activities you both will enjoy. Or if you are not in the mood, you can simply go somewhere relaxing and just pay attention to each other while having meaningful conversations.

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